Adding to PvP to make a better game

PvP has always been just My Dungeon and Guild Tournaments, but it can be so much more, and here's my ideas for a better PvP community to make an already fantastic game become a legendary game!
Instead of just using friends for just PvE and Guild invites, how about making a home screen option called 'CoOp'? If a player clicks on this, it will bring them to a screen that says "Friend Match", "Guild Pwnage", and "Random Battle". To activate "Friend Match", a player must have chosen one or three friends to face off against other people and their friends, and all must be online (Add option saying "Let's Fight" on friends list to fight on this mode). All player will then choose a hero of their choice (must be different) from their roster in this way, one person must choose a fast hero, two players must choosemedium heroes, and one person chooses a slow hero. The host of the party then will click on a dice saying "Match Up" and wait while a random people with their chosen hero are shown. It will be a one round match. Winners will each recieve one great summon, 50 honor scrolls, and 5,000-10,000 gold depending on participation (damage, taunts, buffs, etc), and the top player of the party earns 5 gems. The losing team will gain 1,000 gold each, but will lose 20 honor scrolls.
For Guilds, the Guild leader, or the next top tier will choose 4 different people from their guild each week (if the leader nor other top tiers have chosen, random choice will be made) and the day before guild rewards are given, all guilds may participate in Guild Pwnage (although guilds can skip out on it by backing out). This is a twelve floor tower where random heroes will be given to the four chosen players each time a round is won. All heroes will be fully ascended six starred heroes with random runes. There will be 24 parties, with two parties fighting each round. the further a party gets in the tower, the better the reward for those parties are. If a party wins early while others are still dueling, that party must wait until all parties have finished battling. A fast hero, a medium hero, a healer, and a slow hero must be given to a random player (All healers must be medium speed, for example, Chief NubNub becomes a medium speed hero ). On the final round, each party must run through a dungeon consisting of two runs, a PvE run, then the PvP run. Should make tides turn a bit. Do as you wish with rewards.
Lastly, the "Random Battles". If a player clicks on this, a screen will pop up called "Match Up", which is a loading screen giving the player a random hero and match them up with their near same level players (For example, a player level 30 will be matched up with players lvl 28-32) Same rules will apply with fast, medium, healer, and slow. In this mode only, all players are given the option of "Tower Climb" or "Team battle". Tower climb is a PvE race to see who can finish five dungeons plus a boss dungeon consisting of "Lord Chromus". Team Battle is the same as the rest of the modes, only everyone isn't affiliated with eachother. Winners of one of the two will get 200 Honor scrolls, Evo (may be found during Tower Climb mode) and certain amounts of gold. Losers will lose 50 honor scrolls, and will not be able to find celestial Evos in chest after Chromus is beaten.
To determine which team goes first, differentiate the total power each team has. The weaker team will go first. I know this was long, but well, I hope it's readable. Add anything onto it if you wish!
Remember that day
When we were noobs at the game?
You should, cause it's only been a year or less.


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    i love ti but its to complex and totally out question. thats its complex so mabe it can be switched to quildmates instead because you know they are there and plus you have the chat bor for them. now unless you add a chatbox open to friends only then thats greatr im set on this done and done but its just to complex to be fully fledged.
    but im still sold on this idea
    THEy NeVer LoVed ME!!!
    THREy neVeR LOvED PEAShY!!!
    y0uLL Ju5T hAVe TO J01n tHe r3ST Of thEm IF you oPPosE PEASHY!!!!
  • Just a thought, I just had it because I've recently seen a lot of new people ask about PvP
    Remember that day
    When we were noobs at the game?
    You should, cause it's only been a year or less.
  • why can't we have head to head pvp where 2 players are taking turns? the pvp we have right now isn't really pvp, it's just vs AI so might as well be pve. if a game like hearthstone can have real pvp action then it must be technically feasible
  • The devs are scrambling to add longevity to this game through the epic/rune update, boss mode, the aether shop, tons of new heroes and total level increases.

    What they haven't focused on and the future of this game is PVP: Live battles, special rules and a ladder climb. Make PVP unlimited but with more consequences for a loss. There is so much untapped potential.
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