Best Use Of Gold - New Player

Hey Guys,

I am new and bought a couple packs and have 20 Million gold,

What would be the best way to use this?

Is it worth it to do great summons?

Let me know!


  • Keep your gold to level up heroes and runes, the great portal isn't so "great"
  • kalamadeakalamadea Member
    edited November 2016
    You'll need it eventually - don't waste it on the Great Summon.

    Gold becomes very short in supply around the level 40+ mark when hero abilities get quite pricey to level up and only gets worse as you develop runes.

    To give an example, I went from lvl 56 to 57 today, and it cost me 7 million in gold just to level up my heroes skills from 56 to 57.

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