Help a returning player figure out good champs.

Hi everyone. I played this game a lot about a year ago and stopped playing for about a year (right when Leonidus and challenge mode came out) and reinstalled it on a whim a day ago and saw they had a Black Friday 10x summon deal so I bought it since the all star thing was going on and I have none of those champs. So I was guaranteed someone new. I got 3 new unlock (Furnace, Sheildmaden, and Hagrim Felhorn).

My problem in returning is I cant beat anything. I'm level 63 and had beat the campaign before I stopped. The boss mode is way too hard and I can't beat a single level. I also can't get anywhere in challenge mode (im a bit into it but stuck now). I really am into the epic equips for people and think it would be cool to get some but I'm so behind with the new champs and even the ones I remember are really different so idk who's good or bad.

Basically the point of my post is asking for help to pick a team of 4 I can build. There so much catching up to do but I don't want to waste time trying to ascend someone who's not worth it or whatever. So what's a good team I can build and focus on those heros? I have most old heros (pre leonidus) but here are my highest ranked ones:

My new 3*s

Nub Nub
Black Diamond

Life reaper Brom
Shadow blade

So help me find a good team I can quest with and focus on building up so I don't waste gold and evos and runes on other people. Please :)


  • Boi

    You need runes.
  • RenlyRenly Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    The new synergies for goblins and the undead team should be a good starting place.

    Play with them both a bit, those two teams should be able to take you through Challenge Mode which you'll need to farm for runes.

    Goblins: Zurk, Bramble, Squinch, Nubnub
    Undead: Yorick, Hansuke, Zomm Brom

    Runes are the key to Boss Mode.
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  • Sadly I don't have Hansuke, Zomm, or Bramble. So idk if I can use those teams really. But it's good to know i need to farm runes.
  • If you want a good offensive healer, Zen is your go-to, Viperia is good for buff purging because she has massive damage and she purges 2 buffs, The Furnace is a great tank but he can only be healed by FA Dagrund, Valkin is a new water Dwarf who not only benefits from the dwarves' Perfect Swing trait but also has an AoE freeze, and Kai Makani is a defensive powerhouse who renders AoE attacks absolutely useless, Astrid is great at FA and increases defenses of casters and healers. I know I havent given you much to work with in regards to challenge mode but of you dont own any of the heroes I've listed you should probably make it a priority to get them.
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  • As stated earlier, the two key teams for PVE now are undead and goblins. Since you are missing Zomm and CKB, attaining those two should be your goal. Focus on crit when runing gobs (especially Zurk) and focus on def when runing undead.
  • HaxusBloodbaneHaxusBloodbane Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    Start simple. Work your way through freemium heroes until they're fully starred and ascended. They make a fantastic base and give you a plethora of options when you unlock harder to obtain heroes later in the game.
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  • kalamadeakalamadea Member
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    Rough rating - More stars = better heroes

    Furnace **
    Shieldmaiden ***

    Nub Nub ** (Goblin)
    Black Diamond **
    Dagrund *
    Yorick *** (Undead)

    Icebloom **
    Icepick **
    Pontifex ****
    Kobal ***
    Torchy *
    Life reaper Brom *** (Undead)
    Tsume **
    Shadow blade
    Squinch ** (Goblin)
    Therand **

    Ideally you can unlock Zomm for a solid Undead team of Zomm, Brom, Ponti, and Yorick (Replace Ponti with Hansuke once you work on his epic)

    Cruel King Bramble when you can find him in the heroic + Zurk will round out your Goblin team.

    And Kobal can be an amazing PVE room clearer with runes. Kobal + Astrid + Dagrund + Yasmin can roll through a lot of dungeons very quickly.

  • @JeanLuc_GoHard
    grind grind and grind
    percivierance percivierance and percivierance
    ask around about specific heroes whos interest you the most.
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    THREy neVeR LOvED PEAShY!!!
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  • Ugh. You are not in a good spot. Level 63 and you don't have 6 star dudes? Hardly any 5 star?!? Your overall power level is TERRIBLE for your level. I'm 52 now and have 34 6 stars.

    I wonder if you can restore purchases on this game with a new account? That is tempting.

    The best way to gain power is to do Tower of Pwnage repeatedly, but I suspect even with good strategy, this will be quite difficult to pull off. Still, 300 gems per day will give you a lot of summons and abilities.

    So, focus on Quick Looting Challenge mode dungeons that drop RUNES AND a Token that you can use. Once you get the token, move on to the next dungeon. Repeat daily. During double-token days, advance in challenge mode and soak up the 2x leonides tokens.

    The idea is you need to get a lot of dropped runes (NON resist runes as those are useless), and equip your best guys. Having RUNED fast heroes can enable you to win the tower much easier and faster. (black diamond, willow, torchy, shadowblade).

    Since each dungeon has different colors and such, its hard to recommend a "team".
    Still, go with Ignus, Ponti, Astrid, NubNub (or sub out another healer in fire dungeons).

    Ignus gets TWO attacks when paired with Ponti making him great damage. Ponti is tough, heals self, high damage. Nub heals everyone and ASTRID gives all of them 50% more defense. Once runed with defensive runes, she can ignore most melee damage. her taunt is also quite valuable.

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