Provide better Rune salvage materials from higher tier and upgraded runes

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Currently, all rune salvage materials are the same (within each rune tier) except common runes only give two possible materials compared to three possible materials from uncommon and higher runes. There is no difference between the outcome of salvaging an uncommon, 1 star, level 1 rune and a legendary, 5 star, level 30 rune. It seems that the rune materials that can be salvaged from runes should scale based on rarity, stars and level.

I'd like to see more rune materials (shards and binders) be awarded for higher rarity and star runes, while higher level runes should award gold (and possibly a chance for essence) in higher increments as the level of the salvaged rune increases. This would significantly ease the blow of having to salvage runes that are now obsolete, but at the time they were crafted required large amounts of materials, gems and gold to craft/tune/upgrade.



  • I'd agree with this.

    Along with the other recommendation to include gold among salvage materials, larger amounts of gold for runes that have been upgraded to higher levels.

    Salvaging of runes is just an entirely lackluster aspect of the game at the moment.
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    edited January 17
    I'd like to salvage ALL the materials, or at least select what the salvage would be. I also agree that we should get a good part of our gems & gold back.

    Another suggestion would be that we should be able to use lower level materials to make the materials for higher level runes. For instance, use 100 lesser attack shards to make improved attack shards. Then 50 improved to make greater, etc. Same for the binders.

    Oops! Just did a Google search & saw that JackHallow666 suggested this a YEAR ago!! Obviously, because we both suggested it (albeit a year apart) we think this is a really good idea that has yet to be implimented.
  • Wow. Dig up the dead will you? Totally necro.
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