My holiday present to you all

In my opinion, PvP is somewhat broken. There has been plenty of discussions back and forth around this, I won't delve into it here.

Because I have no desire to spend money or in-game resources trying to finish well in PvP at level 70, I don't particularly care about my defensive record. There is no benefit or joy for me to put in a difficult defense for people to have to refresh past. I PvP for quests, guild quests, honor reward and sometimes gold. That's it.

As a little present to the community I am (well .. have been for 2 weeks) running a single Daeris as my PvP defense.

Enjoy. Beat her up. Complete Green Machine with ease.

I don't particularly care if others want to do the same, it's just a gesture to make db gaming a little easier for those that stumble on me in PvP. And who knows .. maybe with any luck there will be a token reward event on the horizon based on defensive heroes.
Maybe a few more pennies
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