[Updated] Winterfest FAQ - Read This First If You Have Questions About the Event!

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Winterfest Event FAQ

What the Kang-Kung is Winterfest?
Winterfest is our special Holiday event featuring a Winterfest Calendar that will give out daily quests and rewards! You must acquire keys in order to unlock the next door. Keys can be obtained in the Event Shop with Holiday Wreaths, the event currency.

How do I get Holiday Wreaths?
Glad you asked! You’ll be able to get them by completing Event Quests and on certain days, you’ll be able to get them in chests at the end of Campaign Dungeons and in PVP matches. Oh, and the Tower of Pwnage will also be giving out wreaths for completion (it will also have a special quest on certain days for wreaths).

How does the Winterfest Calendar Work?
On the first day of Winterfest, my true Imp gave to meee…..three different keys!

All right, so, here you’ll have a calendar with 14 doors. Each day, a locked door will be highlighted corresponding to the day of the event (provided that you have unlocked all doors up to that point).

Use any one of three keys—bronze, silver, or gold—to unlock a door for an awesome bundle of rewards. Choose wisely, though! Each key provides a different bundle of rewards and you can only unlock a door ONCE.

Once a door is unlocked, you’ll also unlock daily quests for that day! Complete them for Holiday Wreaths and even more rewards.

Great! Now…where do I get keys?
As mentioned, there are three different keys available. You can obtain bronze and silver keys in the Event Shop by spending Holiday Wreaths. There is a single gold key available in the Event Shop for Holiday Wreaths, but you’ll have to purchase any additional gold keys.
[Update]: PvP Tournaments will now give out keys as rewards! 1st Place will get a gold key, 2nd-10th will get silver keys, and 11th-50th will get bronze keys! Happy fighting!

What kinds of rewards are behind the closed doors?
Each day and each reward tier is different! You’ll find tokens for new Hero Grog-Gnog, Stamina, Runes, Heroic Summons, Gold, Evos, Loot Keys, other Hero tokens, and even some surprise bonuses! Come back each day to check them out!

If I use a key to unlock a door, can I go back and use another key on the same door to get the remaining rewards?
Nope, nice try though! You’ll have to choose your key/reward wisely as each locked door can only be unlocked once.

What time will the next locked door in the Winterfest Calendar be available for unlocking? That is, when does the next "day" start?

How long do I have to complete the dungeons and quests I get when I unlock a door?
This varies! Once you unlock the quests for a door, check the NEW event banner that pops up with a timer. At minimum, you'll have 24 hours to complete any event dungeons you unlock, starting when you unlock them. This means you could potentially have multiple event dungeons unlocked at the same time and they might disappear at about the same time. Some quests will last 24 hours, and others will last longer. If you need to be reminded about a timer, just check you Events screen.

I just unlocked the first day and it's telling me to Defeat Grog-Gnog in the Tower of Pwnage, but you guys didn't warn me and I already completed my Tower and now I won't be able to complete the Quest! Why are you guys so cruel?
Whoa there! Check the Event banner for the quest! You have 14 days to complete this quest!

AH! I just found out about this amazing event! What if I join in the 7th day of the event…do I miss out on the earlier quests and rewards?
Nope! You’ll be able to unlock each door and finish quests up to the 7th day! That is, you can unlock door 1,2,3,4,5,6, and 7. Please note that you'll have to unlock them in order, though.

These daily event quests are tough! Do I need to finish them to be able to unlock the next day’s door?
Nope! Daily quests are not mandatory — but they are one of the most efficient ways to get wreaths.

What happens if I run out of doors to unlock on Day 14?
You’ll want to hold on to any extra Holiday Wreaths and Keys…we’ve got a special surprise waiting.

Where are all the Holiday Skins I see in the art?
We’ll be releasing the new Holiday Skins individually throughout Winterfest in the Shop for purchase as part of a bundle. Keep an eye out for them!

Do I get a bonus for wearing Holiday Skins?
You sure do! Any Hero wearing a Holiday Skin will have bonus starting energy in PVE and PVP!

How do I get the new Hero, Grog-Gnog, son of Kang-Kung?
Grog-Gnog is only available during this event (for now)! Get his tokens from Unlocked Doors and one of the event Quests!

Additionally, if you unlock all the right doors (including the ones in the not-so-secret bonus event) with gold keys, you will have accumulated enough tokens for six-starred Grog-Gnog!
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