Ignus the Mad Epic Idea

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*Please note that while Ignus takes no damage from being burned, he can still be burned

Epic Weapon: Scalding Scepter
Def: + 5%
Skl: +2%
Crit Chance:+1%

Feed on Flames: Heals self 10% of damage dealt when dealing damage to a burning opponent AND when burning has a buffed crit (by 40% (same as voodoo chant)) and regens health. Starts the dungeon burning and is more susceptible to burn.

Pyromaniac II: 3x damage to burning foes (Because he neeeeeeeeds it... because he waaaaaaaants it)

Burning touch: Chance to burn on basic attacks (subject to I, II, or III) because he fires red, hot lookin' stuff

Burning skin (when burned): Chance to burn melee attackers (Ignus just wants to spread the love)

Heist move change: Heist will now steal the burn debuff as it now buffs Ignus

Epic Effect: 10% chance to deal double damage to the target, Ignus inflames self, and heal all fire allies (even The Furnace because the healing comes from flame, the same thing that keeps The Furnace going)

Materials: Scalding Scepter (picture in comments), Incendiary Powder, Fiery Will

Some of these aspects should be implemented before the Epic, like Pyromaniac II and Burning touch (maybe feed on flames too, as it is similar to Zomm's "Welcomed Fever" and "Feeding on the Living" that actually works on the undead too...)

Just btw, zomm can eat The Furnace's Brain... The Furnace has a brain? That's some twilight zone stuff.


  • JackHallow666JackHallow666 Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    It's a neat idea, but that's WAY too much for an Epic. IGOROK's epic changes only one passive, and not even by much. Also, he's Legendary. A regular hero's epic should probably only just affect stats and have a chance at an empowered basic attack.
  • There's only one change for the Epic, the rest are just ideas to be implemented before then
  • And though not all should be implemented, Ignus isn't really a great hero so I'd like to see some improvement
  • Do bear in mind this idea needs some work & more importantly, Ignus is truly immune to all forms of fire. Not to mention he gets an extra basic attack on a random enemy once per turn when teamed up with Pontifex Mortis.

    If anything, I agree with @JackHallow666 on this one.
    Total Zomminionation.
  • Okay, thanks for the help. I did get a little carried away. Ignus is just one of my favorite heros and I want him to be really epic. I'll just wait to see what they have in store for him.
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