Guild Tower Quests

ANY chance at all of reducing these tower quests from 10 floors to, say, 5 for higher level players? It's so lop sided to begin with and that's irritating enough but 10 floors takes a LONG time. How about a middle ground of 4 or 5 floors? I know I'm pissing in the wind here but I just find it incredibly time consuming and stressful when I see a 10 floor tower quest.... I only do them once in a while as it is. I know it's gotta be "challenging" but it's so lopsided it's laughable and it takes me literally all day to get through it when I do attempt them.


  • Three weeks later...

    I agree with you. One of my gripes about this game is that it's slow, whether you're talking about special ability animation, or travelling between screens, or various snags. What could be a series of twelve combats of <1 minute seems to take a half hour -- and that's assuming your team is strong enough that you don't need to pick and choose at each level.
  • The intros to each level are the time consuming part. The 15 minutes spent on the tower breaks down to probably 5 minutes of actual fighting vs. 10 minutes of intro animations.
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