RESOLVED: Revenge Replay Discrepancies

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Hi everyone!

We're aware of the Revenge replay discrepancies that people are seeing. The results of Revenge attacks are being applied properly (you’re not losing loot when you shouldn’t), but it seems that something is going wrong with our recording process which is resulting in the replays not matching the actual results. While some players are understandably suspicious that there has been foul play, we have not found any evidence on our end to suggest that is the case when it comes to Revenge replays. Later today, we will be disabling replays on Revenge raids as we continue to diagnose the issue to prevent unnecessary animosity towards other players, and to reduce clutter in your battle logs. Please note that this removal is only temporary, and we’re only removing Revenge replays, not the ability to launch Revenge attacks. We will have Revenge replays restored as soon as possible.

Edit: We are also investigating potential issues with Revenge, revenge replays, and revenge results in battle log.

Thanks for your patience!
Joel | Community Manager | Boss Fight Entertainment
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