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Update 1/23/17: We've just put out an update that will make it more likely to be matched with players within your same league in PvP. We're going to be monitoring and continue to adjust as needed as the week progresses. Thanks for all of your feedback and comments, please keep them coming.

Hi everyone,

First off, thanks for your patience as we’ve rolled out our PVP Seasons update. This was one of our biggest updates ever, and there are a lot of moving parts to it. We’ve been listening to all your feedback and are working as fast as we can to iron out the wrinkles in the update. Instead of commenting on every thread that is started (we have been commenting on multiple), we’ll be consolidating and centralizing information in this thread for the next few days. Once things have slowed down a bit, we’ll return to our normal operation of commenting on individual posts as they come up.

In the meantime, if you’ve encountered an issue, please look through the recent discussions list to see if anyone else has already reported the issue. If there is already an existing thread on the topic, please comment in that thread as opposed to starting a new one. It’s much easier for us to work with one big thread than ten small ones with two comments each. We appreciate your help!

We’ve recently released a patch that should solve the following issues. (We are actively working on the other bugs that have been reported and will release fixes for them as they are completed!):
  • The Shadowblade skin purchase in the event shop should now be working properly. If you purchased the skin earlier but did not get it, you don’t need to contact customer support, we’ll be sending it out to you shortly!
  • Some players were getting a quest that asked them to collect gold from their My Dungeon chest twice in a day, which is no longer possible. That quest has been removed and you should not be seeing it again in the future.
  • A few event dungeons were appearing when they shouldn’t, those should be gone now. Consider the ones you saw a preview of fun things to come. ;)

Regarding Revenge replays: While the results of Revenge attacks are being applied properly (you’re not losing loot when you shouldn’t) it seems that something is going wrong with our recording process, which is resulting in the replays not matching the actual results. While some players are understandably suspicious that there has been foul play, we have not found any evidence on our end to suggest that is the case when it comes to Revenge replays. Later today, we will be disabling replays on Revenge raids as we continue to diagnose the issue to prevent unnecessary animosity towards other players, and to reduce clutter in your battle logs. Please note that this removal is only temporary, and we’re only removing Revenge replays, not the ability to launch Revenge attacks. We will have Revenge replays restored as soon as possible.

We also understand that players have concerns about level balancing with and our ongoing investigation of the issue is one of our highest priorities right now as we go through PVP Preseasons in anticipation of our first official PVP Season.

UPDATE 1: We're evaluating/final testing a resolution for level balancing. (e.g. we found it's hiding spot) - the plan (pending Murphy, Zurk, and other unexpected things) is to push this out later this evening or 1st thing tomorrow

Since this has existed but largely been obscure - it's worth giving a quick run-down of what to expect.
  • Within -4 levels (e.g. 70 vs 66), there is no disparity modifier.
  • At -5 levels to -8 levels (e.g. 70 vs 65-62), the lower level heroes have a noticeable disadvantage - meaning if you're equally runed, use equally clever hero synergies, and so on - the level 70 would win most of the time.
    • That said if the lower level (65-62) heroes have better synergy, better runes/epics, or stars - it's going to be a fight, odds probably 40% chance for the 65 (more like 33% for the 62) to win. (Really depends on how much better the 62-65 heroes stack up)
  • At -9 to -11 levels (e.g. 70 v 61-59), the lower level heroes will have a very tough time, very slight chance to win
    • Unless the level 70 is rocking lesser runes and terrible heroes, and the 61-59 are rocking greater runes and awesome heroes. (This is where I'd say punching way above weight) - that might get more like a 30-40% chance
  • Anything past -12, and the chance is like Jabber beating Kozar, aka yeah... no.
These were the original values - and are tune-able - so we're going to start with these and evaluate.

Update 2:
  • We had added an additional Raid Ticket refresh timer, but it was not working properly, causing some players to think that they were not getting raid tickets when they should have. We have disabled that timer for now. You can still see when you next raid ticket will refresh from the PVP scouting screen.
  • Some players were having trouble accessing their My Dungeon rewards. This should now be fixed!
  • Fixed a bug that caused some players to crash from the quest log.

Now for a bit of bad news. It seems that a portion of players had their friend lists wiped when transitioning to the update. For those of you that see “Information Not Found” records with lots of question marks, that means the player has not logged in since the update, and those instances will go back to normal once they do so. However, if you are not seeing a friend and don’t have any “Information Not Found”s on your friend list, you will unfortunately have to re-friend that player. This issue seems to be impacting only the earliest updaters, and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Once again, thank you all for your continuous feedback and support! We'll be updating this thread as more information becomes available and more fixes are released. :)
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