Hero Idea - Guāng, the Enlightened Monk

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Guāng, the Enlightened Monk


Guāng was an aspiring student under his master, high in the temples. He was favored above all other students for his unnatural gift - The gift of a third eye. It took him years to control his power, but once he mastered the use of his third eye, he was able to see the darkness in people's hearts. Because of this new power, he set out, desperate to cure the world of evil and teach the next generation the values of truth and justice. His abilities revolve around utilising light energy, and seem to have a certain affect when used alongside other allies of the light. Perhaps he can even see the energy that flows through his allies, and manipulate it?

Stats (Level 70, 6*):
Health - 4,226
Attack - 1,616
Defense - 1,548 (+20%)
Skill - 1,950
Hit Chance - 100%
Crit Chance - 5% (+24%)
Dodge Chance - 0%
[Light Resist] - 33%
[Spirit Resist] - 6%

Runes: Light/Light/Fire/Water/Nature

Element: Light
Magical - Takes reduced Magical damage.
Radiance - Immune to accuracy-reducing debuffs.
See Through the Darkness - Light allies cannot be Haunted nor Feared.
Mystical I - 25% increased damage against Slow enemies and Tanks.
Shine Through the Night - Light allies deal 25% increased damage to Dark enemies.
Raining Light - At the start of the turn, removes 1 debuff from all Light allies.
Mystical II - 50% increased damage against Slow enemies and Tanks.
Shine Through the Night II - Light allies deal 50% increased damage to Dark enemies.
Tranquility Pulse - 20% Increased Defense for all Light allies, and heal Light allies by 15% of their missing health each turn.
Mystical III - 75% increased damage against Slow enemies and Tanks.

Luminous Bolt - Basic magical ranged attack dealing [49.5% Attack] damage, and applies Magnified Light to the target for 1 turn.

A New Dawn - Summoning the power of the sun, Guāng casts a sea of light that washes over all enemies, dealing [75.0% Attack] ranged magic damage, and grants all allies Regeneration for 2 turns. Light allies gain Cleansing Regeneration instead.
Cooldown: 7

Third Eye Open - Guāng reveals his third eye, Silencing all Dark enemies, and lowering the enemy team's Defense by up to [46%]. Applies a buff to all allies called 'Third Eye Open' for 2 turns that increases Crit slightly, and can be consumed by Light allies to alter their abilities (List below).
Cooldown: 5

Veil of Divinity - Shrouds one ally in a cloak of light, granting them immunity to Disease and Haunted, as well as decreasing damage taken from Dark enemies by up to [45%] for two turns. The veil also heals the target by up to [85.0% Skill], and cures 1 debuff. If the target is a Light ally, the healing and number of debuffs removed is doubled.
Cooldown: 5

Heroes and abilities affected by Third Eye Open:

Guāng - A New Dawn will apply Magnified Light to all enemies.
Guāng - Veil of Divinity will make the target ally invincible for 1 turn.
Matsuta Kira - Death Blossom gains a chance to Shock enemies with each hit.
Black Diamond - Blade Storm will grant Evading for 2 turns.
Leonidus - Sun Worship will purge 2 buffs from all enemies and deal more damage.
Zen - Safe Haven will fully heal the target ally and grant all other allies Aegis Shield.
Augustus - Smite will remove 2 debuffs from all allies and deal extra damage.
Emily - Cleanse will heal and cleanse all allies, and cleanse one more debuff than usual.
Sifu Jianzhi - Feet of Fury will deal splash damage and apply Off-Balanced to the target.
Alexandros - Damage Reflection will grant allies Damage Reduction and immunity to all debuffs for 2 turns.
Dhaegon - Shocking Whirlwind will apply Off-Balanced to all enemies.
Aria - Sand in the Eyes will grant allies increased Crit for 2 turns, before dealing damage.
Bauble - Unstable Bomb will apply an extra debuff to all enemies, regardless of if it hits or not.
Ekko - Energize will heal allies and add an extra energy.


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