Bug? Anyone else seeing bottom heroes disproportionately targeted by enemies?

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In the last 5 teams I've used in the past week or so, the bottom hero has been disproportionately targeted (also, even when I switch the team around, the same hero ends up being on the bottom no matter his position in the lineup. As an example, I'm doing the burn quest with IB, Furnace, King Valkin, and Squinch, and I swapped Furnace with Squinch, but Squinch remained at the bottom both times). No matter what, though, I would estimate roughly 90-95% of the attacks solely on the bottom character. I had the same thing with a different team with IB, Grog, Pont, and yasmine, my undead team (they disproportionately attacked OE - I counted 15 hits in one round of a level - not a single hit to anyone else), and my goblin team.

Anyone else experiencing this?


  • Yes. I see this all the time (>85%) and the result has been that
    I have a set of about 12-15 heroes that I advance/enhance quite slowly spending my gold/xp potions/etc on my stronger heroes/hero teams (like my undead team, Ponti, my blue team, Kozar, etc).
    These weaker heroes are either singleton fodder in the Tower or I use them to draw single-target fire from strong enemies in dungeons --that way my stronger hero(es) can usually be useful at the next Tower level.
    I have noticed in the past few days that when the levels are all close (+/- 2 levels) there is some variety on the hits (which I think is due to the color/element of the hero and maybe other criteria (eg: healer, caster, tank, etc)) else I can count on the defenders going for my weakest hero every time which makes me tactically consider placing them usually last and, seldom, anywhere else on my team.
    I am just a Lvl 58 so that may impact what I see, as well as the fact that I am still short many of the popular heroes like Igorok and Shade.
    I also think that hitting your weakest (meaning lowest relative level vs your lowest) makes sense from an A.I. standpoint as one of the primary inputs to use when targeting (e.g.: the hero doubles in attack power vs tanks so that would be part of the selection criteria, another input would be an elemental advantage, etc). I know that is how some targeting is decided in the military (however, if the opponent is a 1-hit killer, that opponent gets priority).
  • Challenge mode has better AI and hero targeting selection
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