Allow players to donate gold and gems to their guild for enhancements

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I'd like to see a home screen for the guild and see other players champions walk about.

I'd like to donate to the guild to grant benefits of being in the guild to members
Such as a farm, crystal mine, etc to grant free resources to members each day.
A gold mine so when players complete a dungeon they will get a percentage increase.
A rune smith that will help to reduce the cost of tuning and to allow special guild only effects on runes or to increase the effects strength etc.
Allow the option to further tune an existing rune rather than start again each time. Even upgrade a rune from normal, improved, greater etc
Allow to increase the refresh time for a friend who is also a guild member.
Allow to see other guild members replays.
Have a Mage that will buff characters before the start a Dungeon.

At the moment apart from the crowns weekly awards there is no other significant benefit of being in a guild. Reward wise.
Most of the ideas mentioned above are just ideas that are already implemented in other games. Such as royal revolt 2.

In short lots of room to improve the guild screen.

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