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I have been playing Dungeon Boss (DB) for over a year and have logged in to many devices, and the messaging still makes me VERY nervous! :wink: I am not the only one. I have seen many friends say the same, and I have also seen many issues in Forums where someone selected the wrong option.

I have a suggestion to change this to make it easier for players. Basically, it's simply too easy for someone to wipe out their account accidentally.

Step 1: Dungeon Boss log in to Big Fish (BF) account should default to loading existing player account. Do not ask any questions at all.
Step 2: Within "Player Profile" -> "Options" -> "Show Account" ... Add a new option there to "Start over with new level 1 player". You can still ask confirmation questions to make sure the player wants to do this.

This seems more straight-forward to me, especially since you cannot have multiple DB player accounts per BF log in.

Thank you.
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