Special events

I'm sure you're aware that quite a few people don't like the new PvP, so it would help if certain quests had nothing to do with PvP. But the Black Diamond Skin quest has 18 events, three of which are PvP related, involving 22 wins. Beyond a lot of people and just rubs salt into the wounds. I have just lost three fights in a row. Given up on this events, with max stamina and nothing to do with it. You're killing your players. Whereas the whole event doesn't require a single visit to the tower.

PvP isn't everything, so stop invoking it in every event.

Please - create some events that have nothing to do with PvP


  • Agreed PVP should be optional most times.
    As Some people just don't like PvP and prefer to stick with Campaign only.
    The latest quests don't involve PvP and are good fun to do. VH was a good challenge.
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