Matchmaking Fixed!?, Nope Broken again. RAGE

So! My pvp matchups attacking have been ranging from 51-63ish not so bad considering im lvl 56. After a small update yesterday i also stopped getting attacked 10 times an hour by 20k+ level 70's. Heck i start seeing defenses from people IN MY LEVEL RANGE! =O
Wow! Still lvl 70 matchups here and there but thats fine. Got attacked maybe 10 times in 24hours from 2/21 update. I can handle that.

Today i download an update at oh 6pm CST, and now.....i go to see what kind of opponents are lined up. Lvl 14/70/70 Umm ok

Now im usually a pretty chill guy but lets make an exception....

How in the **** do you manage to improve and then **** destroy the same system in ONE game inside 48 hours?
I cannot **** believe i keep spending money on this game, i just spent 5$ out of frustration rolling a rune (probably poor decision making from sleep deprivation) and i load up my dungeon to see this debacle of ****.

All i want is some decent competition, not to be completely outmatched, i want to fight people with decent teams and figure out how to beat them not get **** rolled by teams 10+ levels higher than me. I cant judge the effectiveness of my defense that way at all!
Oh and now i cannot even **** attack people in my level range, i have screen after screen full of unwinnable matchups....yay PVP quests.

Have you ever considered some internal testing before you deploy stuff? I mean what in the hell is going on over there?

While im raging lets talk about the complete lack of understanding your company has shown towards balancing heroes.

AE attack...ok
Purges buffs....still ok
Purges buffs BEFORE damage resolution....too much
Chance to burn....way too much
High base damage with RRRGG

Ressurection...Decent game mechanic
Allows ressurected target to go Instantly!....sigh, fkin really?

With these powers combined i present you with the 1 shot meta!
Stop putting uncounterable tactics in game. Resurrection should use a turn and the target of the res should stay in sequence giving the defender a **** chance to counter. Zen/Kozar was only an issue because it bought you 3 **** turns. Heal +2 turns on target with no pause for a defensive counter.

The pvp system.....equal gains for all matchups....why why why
Higher ranked players should award more trophies so as to keep the environment competitive.
When i played Mike Tysons "Punch Out!" as a kid i didnt have to beat Glass Joe 14x to beat the game, so why are you setting up an envrionment where the best way to progress is to look for the easiest fights because rewards are normalized?!!?!!!!!!!?

Now maybe this is some fluke that the last 8 resets are giving me, maybe im an isolated case having this problem, maybe im flying off the handle for something that will get fixed in a hour...honesly i dont give a crap.

Ok im done, maybe no one will read this....**** i cant believe i spent money on this game again. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I really really like this game, which is the reason im so **** annoyed by this.



  • Drixk wrote: »

    Now im usually a pretty chill guy

    You can use Emily or Yasmin to purge that.....
  • Perhaps she already did...
  • Same here, level 51. I went from 325+ attacks against in Champ 2 with raid options of 50-56 to no attacks against with raid options of nothing but 69-70s after the "Dungeon Boss Just Got Better" update earlier. At least when I was being attacked I had a chance to revenge, now I have zero chance at any attacks, and I just hit the win 8 pvp raids quest, unbelievable.
  • Uhh..I hate to jinx myself but I haven't been attacked since the last update. I typically average around 15-20 raids against me an hour by 20k+ teams.(I'm lvl 59)
  • Drixk, I believe it's reasonable for you to be this frustrated. I think the disappointment goes across the board.
  • VioletLyraVioletLyra Member
    edited February 2017

    I seem to get attacked less (although to be honest, I haven't been monitoring closely. I kinda gave up) but since the latest update, ALL my potential opponents are level 68-70 players. I'm level 63. I can take down some of them but still. When attacking, I finally had some diversity with this third preseason: it was randomly anything between level 52 to level 70. It was pretty good. Please bring it back.

    I'd like to *not* be a target AND get a decent selection of opponents.

    @Eej ... Sorry to tag you once again but you need to be aware of this.
  • Same here. Nothing but 70/70/70 with power 5k or higher than me. Wasted 1.5 mill on refreshes to get 4 wins in 6 battles.
  • I'm a terrible person; I got the opposite problem of constantly being served up severely under-powered opponents. And I walked all over them shamelessly to get the BD skin. I couldn't refresh fast enough :(
  • Yup. I'm getting the same issue. I'm no longer getting passed around like a new prison inmate for the level 70s, but I'm only seeing 70s in my match-ups. I'm so ashamed to admit that I hit VIP rank 10 and now it's the single biggest regret I have right now. This game is #@&;!ing stupid.
  • Solid matchmaking. My lev 70 team totally deserves to be matched up with this poor lev 34.

  • Funny thing is thats pretty much exactly what my "Select Opponent" screens have looked like, or just all 70's.
    Good thing the lvl 34 is worth as many trophies as the others, because that makes sense.
  • Add to this I went with a Jabber only defense to help people out and generate some revenge choices to help me get good battles. So far 0 attacks in over 12 hours.
  • Just change the system to a ladder instead of a trophy-based system.
  • @Sockless been the same for me, 1 or 2 attacks all day, lvl 14 dagrund
  • Since the update 15 hours ago DB got better but only for my opponents. I am constantly attacked by L 70 20K+ teams and am only getting opponents in raid presented of the same caliber. I am L 64. After sinking 100K into refreshs (without any change) I gave up. I had no problems with all these strange pvp changes so far but this state now is bullshirt.
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