Elemental Skins

That's right, I said it.

Lets get some skins that change the element of the heroes. The abilities function the same, but Igorok, for example, wearing a Fire skin would hit with a "Magma Thump" or something and instead of being "frozen" enemies would be "firetrapped". It wouldn't be a purely cosmetic change. a Fire igorok would be strong against Nature heros for instance.

The skins themselves can be released slowly over time and give people something to work towards acquiring.


  • The beta had multiple elements for heroes. I'm glad this isn't the case and that there are no elemental skins. I wouldn't mind a dual element character or new elements introduced, but being able to switch a heroes element trivializes and unbalances the game far too much in my opinion. Dark skin for every hero anyone for Shade's Shroud? Light skin for extra dodge for non-light heroes?
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