Relax Token restrictions

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Again if this has already been raised then good job but it's my turn :)

My gripe regarding token farming is that if I complete a dungeon in Normal mode I can no longer get the token from the same dungeon in challenge mode even if the tokens are different. To add insult to injury if I want to get the token again I am charged 15 gems to reset the availability of the token per dungeon.

Please keep in mind that in order to get all the tokens for most characters we need 550 tokens per character. So imposing this limitation is petty penny pinching so please reconsider.

And I'm sure many may comment that there are other ways to get tokens but I don't think it justifies adding the restriction between the levels.








  • Agreed. Having the token count for the normal and challenge variant is non intuitive and frankly unnecessary. As they continue making new heroes, I imagine this change will have to occur. They may even expand tokens into boss mode. They have a lot of levels to play with token distribution.
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