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A few people suggested that I create one thread that links to the various analyses that I've posted over the past months, so here it is. I'll post links for each thread as I verify that the thread has been updated recently and is still relevant. I'll try to remove links as they become obsolete or irrelevant. Hopefully this is helpful to a few of you who like to see some of this detail.

How AI Targeting Works

Rune Threads

Average Rune Stats for Superior, Greater and Improved

Rune Stat comparison to upgrade costs

Rune Stat multipliers

Rune locations

Fixing Overpowered Attack Runes

Rune Balancing - Part 1

Crafting materials needed for all Runes

Comparison of value of Runes compared to Stars on heroes

Rune versus Chest drop rates

Hero Power Increases caused by Runes and Epics

Epic Threads

Upgrade materials needed for Epic weapons (Updated 4/11/2017 through Dagrund)

Epic and Rune Calculator (tells you how many materials needed to max epics and create runes)

PvP Threads

Win Streak Multipliers and raids needed for Legend I


Average Material Drop rates by Dungeon Mode

Gold to increase Abilities from level 70 to level 80

Ability Multipliers

Heroes by Aether category

Evos needed to ascend all heroes


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    grats foozle on the sticky, I am both happy for you and jealous!

    @MattCauthron All of my updated graphics are editted to be on the first post of the thread.

    Even better! I'd throw in that shout out sticky for sure. I always find myself digging out your labeling chart when we have those warrior/rogue ect quests.
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  • Hi all. Hope everyone is still having fun playing. I'm on at least a temporary and potentially permanent break from the game, so won't be posting any other updates for the foreseeable future. At some point the analyses will become obsolete and at that point the mods can feel free to unsticky.
  • @foozle Thanks for everything you have put together :)
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