No drops bestial maw

Not sure why this would happen, but after completing bestial maw with three stars there were no drops of either runes, bar or jewels. I would like to know if there is the possibility of getting nothing for using 20 stamina in these dungeons.


  • Was your rune inventory full?
  • Are all your rune slots full? This is a typical question following a rune unequip event. Nothing drops if rune slots are full.
  • Thanks for the questions guys.
    Plenty of room in the rune slots. That's why I put this under bugs and technical because I had never had this happen before and was thinking this was one of those. If it was I was doing the responsible thing of reporting it so it could be looked into.
  • I suddenly feel better about my drop. Not much, just a little. fexs5z977jp6.png
  • @Lunghammer, but you got 3 stamina out of the dungeon. That seems about right for this slot machine of a game.

    Put in $20, get out $3. Put in $20, get out $3. ;)
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