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  • bvs72bvs72 Member
    They did sort of respond recently to my reported exploit by making friend usage almost useless.
  • I'm sorry, but the "exploit" portion of the letter just reads like a bluff. Any queries developed to spot cheaters will inevitably be imperfect. They'd need to give the benefit of doubt to the player so that noncheaters are not accidentally flagged. It also would require constant monitoring, which costs time and money, so I have little faith it will receive much attention in the long run.

    The latest round of accusations all stem from the same particular exploit. Is a method being developed to prevent its use in the first place for all aspects of the game that it can apparently be used for? That would be something I would find reassuring, even if there is no concrete timetable for it at the moment.
  • bvs72bvs72 Member
    I seem to have made a small mistake by agreeing to count the votes in the LOL guild games. I am limited to seeing only the last 10 votes. I had to let BF do the counting. They declare LC the winner.
  • RexobRexob Member
    Until the best intentions come to fruition I remain cautious. The only thing consistent over the last 3 months is the DB Devs inability to deliver fun & engaging content that players enjoy.
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    To clarify on the publicly posted or elsewhere comment - the specific example to give is if someone posts a walk-through on YouTube on how to potentially exploit the game.

    As far as specifics - I'll use the vernacular someone used previously in a comment in this thread - Taking a "mulligan" in a PvP battle by preventing the game from communicating to the server is a harmful activity that exploits competition.

    In terms of escalation of action: warning -> temp ban -> permanent ban in normal situations. In excessive abuse, initial steps may be skipped.

  • @Eej - thank you for addressing your statement about taking action against players for content posted outside of Big Fish offerings. It is helpful to know.

    Now can we please have an answer on whether Dungeon Boss has been able to confirm that cheating did occur in PVP Preseason 6?

    For us to trust that you will take any action against cheaters, we would like confirmation that you have been able to detect this cheating, because the evidence provided was very strong. Thanks for your help confirming.
  • D_Rodd wrote: »
    we would like confirmation that you have been able to detect this cheating, because the evidence provided was very strong. Thanks for your help confirming.
    just being a realist here, but i'm saying there's about a snowball's chance in hell of a public acknowledgement, and it's probably in spite of what @Eej and @Joel may want to say.

    there's probably someone from BF legal, marketing, or accounting (probably all of them) that are saying to the dev team that you can't say that online, because then every single top player (ie, the whales that keep the game going) will be able to link/show that post to their apple/google store and demand a refund.
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  • Win to loss changes once called out
  • The funnies thing about this whole situation... the devs are damned either way.
    If foul play was found and punishment dealt, the communities response:
    "I knew it! DB devs, eat my shorts and do your jobs properly or we'll make more empty threats!"

    If no foul play was found:
    "My 4 year old sister can do your jobs better. You guys are garbage. I'm gonna say I quit, but I'll keep playing cause of these reasons I have yet to make up. You better watch yourselves devs..."

    No response and 1 month later:
    "When will sorting be implemented?"

    @Eej Your move.
  • @Eej Are you still going to remove resist? I keep getting a ridiculous amount or triple resist runes from this event. I can't say I'm at all happy with that.
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