[Improved] Acceptable use Policy Forum Guideline

While I have adhered to the AUPFG (Short for Acceptable Use Policy Forum Guideline) I think it might be wise to toss in a few extra "helpful" rules to bring together a community that's even better than before (what with everything I have seen currently on the forums as I monitor them.) They shall be listed below the link provided. But do adhere to the Link to check the Extended bits & pieces provided by Bossfight Entertainment & Bigfish Games accordingly as they hold the greatest importance.

Side note: After seeing the rules to being a community hero on the ESO forums, I figured these forums could use them as well but with a few changes to better fit this forum.
  • Agree to Disagree: We have a very diverse community of individuals and groups who have a variety of interests, opinions, and backgrounds. Just like in every-day life, you will not agree with all the opinions you encounter here, and that’s okay. It’s perfectly acceptable to disagree, but please do not put other people down for their opinions, ideas, or suggestions. In most discussions, there is no right or wrong, just different angles, opinions, and interests.
  • Be Civil and Respectful: Being civil and respectful goes a long way, especially when involved in a heated debate. It is possible to be civil and respectful, even when you strongly disagree with someone. Please remember that everyone on these forums is a real person, like you, who is also here because they love Dungeon Boss and want to talk about it.
  • Enjoy Yourself: Have fun, start interesting discussions, and participate in the community activities and discussions that excite you! You, our fans, set the tone and culture of this community. We’re here to listen, help, and foster that growing culture. We want you do enjoy being here as much as we enjoy having you!
  • Ignore Baiting: Sometimes, another community member will attempt to bait you into a response. Usually, this is to elicit some sort of negative or emotional reaction. Please try your best to recognize when this is happening, and ignore it. You may also report it to the Devs through a PM or the built in report function if the post or thread is violating our Code of Conduct.
  • Post in the Appropriate Area: Please do your best to post threads in the correct area of the forums. We will move any threads that are posted in the incorrect area, and leave an expiring redirect attached to them. We understand that everyone wants their thread to be seen and gets replies — posting them in the proper section is the best way to make sure that happens.
  • Report Violations: If you notice that another community member is violating our Code of Conduct, please report the post and leave it at that. Do not reply, try to correct their behavior yourself, or tell them that you reported them. We understand that our community members are generally just trying to be helpful when they do these things, but they only serve to exacerbate the issue more often than not.
  • Share Constructive Criticism: We want to hear your thoughts and feedback on Dungeon Boss, negative and positive alike. Please consider how you are posting criticism. If you want to share suggestions or constructive criticism about Dungeon Boss, please tell us about it. It is possible to be negative, respectful, and constructive at the same time. When submitting feedback, consider whether or not what you’re posting will be something the Dev Team can use to turn into real change — constructive negative feedback can be a powerful tool to help us improve the game. Remember, we really do want your feedback!
  • Use the Search Function: Please help us keep discussions as consolidated as possible by using the search function before you create a thread. This will help you to identify if there is already an ongoing discussion about the topic you’re interested in talking about.
  • Welcome New Community Members: Please remember that we were all new in the Dungeon Boss community at one time. Help us foster a welcoming and safe community by being helpful, kind, and considerate to those who are new to our community.
  • When in Doubt, Ask: If you’re unsure whether or not something is acceptable post or thread material for the Dungeon Boss community, please feel free to ask a moderator or member of the Dungeon Boss Dev Team. Simply send us a message — we’re here to help!
With these kind of rules, it might get better over time. Have fun & Don't let Lord Zomm get your brains(because he has a "Taste for Brains!!!")
Total Zomminionation.
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