Legendary Hero Idea: KOROGI the Immolator

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Background: After seeing his Ice cold Brother IGOROK Training with the other water heroes in the frozen lands without him, something in his heart burned with a furious rage, in an attempt to prove his own worth to his Frozen brother in the north, he ventured to the Infernal bastion to bring IGOROK the head of sulfurious & he would not return until he has proven his determination. Unfortunately, he got incinerated alive. something about him however, got the Lich Lords Attention, something that the Lich Lord could use to power his Undead Army, with some assistance from Sulfurious, The hero was reincarnated with powerful dark Undead flames (minus the skin), however, the Lich Lords Plan got sidetracked as the heroes Burning Hatred for IGOROK had overpowered the Lich lord & his minions, through the hero's newfound strength, he had Burned a path to freedom, after breaking out the Lair of the Lich, he had started a long path of destruction, ensuring the end of IGOROK & all the water heroes he can find. Question is though, will it be enough to sate the Unholy Rage of KOROGI the Immolator.

Hero Name: KOROGI the Immolator

Most Hated Hero: IGOROK (Who else would give this guy the Cold Shoulder.)

Element: Fire: 30% Vs. Nature units (45% with "Blessing of the Seeker") -25% Vs. Water units.

Tags: Legendary, Undead, Tank.

Epic: Brass-Knuckled Bones.
  • 30% Atk.
  • 25% Skl.
  • 15% Damage.
  • 30% Chance to Deal Aoe Damage & Grant Undead/Fire allies Immolating Skin, Grants the "Epic Undead Rage" passive, Increasing damage for Undead allies greater & greater below 75% hp.

    Stats: (Fully ascended, six stars, level 70 & no runes)
    • Attack: 1,998
    • Defense: 2,263
    • Skill: 1,660
    • Max Health: 6,345
    • Crit Chance: 25%
    • Crit Multiplier: 200%
    • Dodge Chance: 0%
    • Damage: 0%
    • Damage Reduction: 0%
    • Fire Resist: 33% [ Base: 33% | Burn: -0% | Immolate: Immune]
    • Nature Resist: 0% [base: 0% | Poison: Immune | Wound: 0% ]
    • Water Resist: 18% [base: 18% | Freeze: +58% | Chill: +58% | Frostbite: +58% ]
    • Light Resist: 0% [base: 0% | Lightning: 0% ]
    • Dark Resist: [base: 0%| Disease: Immune ]
    • Spirit Resist: 6% [base: 6% | Fear: 6% | Stone: 6% | Possess: 6% | Mark: 6% ]
    Traits: (Fully ascended, other traits may be noted.)
    • Immolated Rage - Gain +Def & Regenerate health instead of reduced Def & taking damage each turn this hero is Burned, More susceptible to Burn, (2nd ascend) during a dungeon run/raid, also permanently Doubles Attack power after 7 turns or when below 10% health. (Similar to blood-boiled.)
    • (2nd ascend) Soulless Blackfire - Immune to Poison, Disease, Venom & Immolate. Absorbs an ally's Poison, Disease, or Venom debuffs at the end of the turn to Increase his Atk(Poison), Def(Disease) & Skill(Venom) by 5% for each one consumed, be it friend or foe, up to 100%, lasts for the entire dungeon until completed.
    • Undead Rage - Undead heroes Deal Greater & Greater damage below 50% Health. (Epic raises the percentage cap of Undead Rage from 50% to 75%)
    • Magical (2nd ascend for II) - takes 25% (50% at II) less damage from non-physical attacks.
    • (1st ascend) Molten Arnaments - takes 35% less damage from non-magical attacks, resilient to Freeze, Chill & Frostbite(40%) & Cannot be Drenched.

    Abilities (Fully ascended, Level 70)
    • Pulverising Punch - A Powerful Physical Melee attack for * base damage which Ignores Armour & 30% chance to damage all enemies (no bonus damage) & adds Immolated Skin for Fire & Undead allies.
    • Immolation - A Enraged Physical Ranged Fire attack on all targets for * Base damage & Immolates them for 3 turns. Cooldown is 10. Regains ability energy for every opponent not affected by the immolate debuff or if the move is dodged/missed
    • (1st ascend) Fueling Fisticuffs - A Physical Melee Attack for * Base damage that does X2 Damage to burned & Immolated targets. Cooldown is 7.
    • (2nd ascend) Burninating Brawn - Tapping into the Flames of Sulfurious, Forces heroes to target single attacks on this hero for 4 turns, buffs Def, Small chance to burn Melee attackers, Retaliates any attackers for the Duration & Follows up any ally's attack for 2 turns. Starts powered. Cooldown is 6
    Side notes:
    • Introducing the "Immolate Debuff" it works similar to the Burn Debuff, except for two things, it reduces the targets Atk & Reduces Max HP by 10% for each round the hero is affected, a heroes fire resistance determines the immolate resist chance.
    • IGOROK spelt backwards is KOROGI, hence the idea for the hero name & backstory along with a battle between two elemental brothers torn apart.
    • Immolated Rage is similar to Lord Zomm's Welcoming Fever & the Blood Boiled Passive except Immolated Rage is more Fire orientated & it tells you that his attack power permanently increases When Below 10% health or after 7 turns during a dungeon.
    • Unlike other epics, KOROGI's Epic does not Deal bonus damage due to his Passives being incredibly powerful on their own.
    • If a basic attack can be undodgable (aria) then surely there is no problem with KOROGI's Basic attack being able to Ignore the Armoured Trait to compensate.
    • KOROGI's unique special ability "Immolation" is like IGOROK's Polar Pounding, but It Immolates foes instead of freezing them, in addition to Bearing a "similar" mechanic to Baubles Unstable bomb, in which Immolation Regains energy if the move gets dodged or it misses or if a foe does not get Immolated, thus giving the simulated impression of the hero being enraged by the outcome & regaining +1 energy for the move with each attack Dodged/Missed or Resisted Immolate.
    • Soulless Blackfire is a special unique Combination of passives made whole, with the Lifeless effect, Immunity to Venom from Impervious, etc as well as a unique mechanic scarcely similar to Koro's Passive which instead of consuming Burn & poison for multiple situations (buffing moves, reducing move cooldown, etc.) he consumes Poison, Disease & Venom to buff Atk, Def & Skill For each respective debuff on an ally or enemy. Fuel for the fire they say, even the pestilent kind.
    • Molten Arnaments is a Never-before seen passive which undoubtedly resembles Koro's Practiced Hunter, except there is no retaliating against magical attackers & reducing magic damage by 35%. No, what Molten Arnaments does is that it works similarly to Armoured, except that it reduces all physical damage by 35%, Buffs Freeze, Chill & Frostbite resist by 40% & Grants a unique immunity to Kai's Dreaded Drench Debuff. Because after all, Molten Arnaments Keeps KOROGI nice & toasty, & any water he comes in contact with just evaporates into steam/mist, giving a new meaning to being "too hot to touch."
    • there is more to discover about this idea if you have the know-how to decipher it.

    Be sure to comment & Elucidate your thoughts on this idea, it is fine to "Agree to Disagree" if some things do not make sense to your mentality. I'll be happy to provide answers to your questions when I get time to read them. Until then, Darkness Shroud you...

Total Zomminionation.


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    Peashy likes this guy alot
    plus hes undead. and FIRE!!
    Peashy. WUVZ FYRE.
    THEy NeVer LoVed ME!!!
    THREy neVeR LOvED PEAShY!!!
    y0uLL Ju5T hAVe TO J01n tHe r3ST Of thEm IF you oPPosE PEASHY!!!!
  • It is Igorok backwards! Can't fool me!
    Awesome Farfella guy up there was created by jackhallow666^!!!
    Also, go gorgons!
  • @farfella i never saw that.
    you have a better EYE than I . .. .
    THEy NeVer LoVed ME!!!
    THREy neVeR LOvED PEAShY!!!
    y0uLL Ju5T hAVe TO J01n tHe r3ST Of thEm IF you oPPosE PEASHY!!!!
  • Seems a bit OP. But I love the concept/idea. A fire undead would be so cool.
    Favorite Hero: High King Valkin
  • notice his first four letters are KORO
    The Great Monk- Key shall protect my dungeon from attacks

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    notice his first four letters are KORO
    I did not think about that, but still, For the record, there (so far) has been no appearance of an unlockable Undead Fire hero. (Not yet anyway... >:))

    *rubs hands in a sinister fashion.
    Total Zomminionation.
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