Another new player

Good morning everyone,
I'm another one new player, around level 20. Any piece of advise, i will be grateful..

So far my team (offense, defense, campaign) is this one :
Torchy (attack runes)
Willow (attack and skill runes)
Yasmin (skill runes)
Sir William (hp and defense runes)

These are also the heroes that i farm tokens. Should i make any change ? Which F2P heroes will benefit me in the long term?

I currently was spending my raid tokens in the portal summon, but i read here that is better trade them for gold (?)

I've managed to collect my first 3000 gems. Which hero should i aim, in the 10x summon ?

Also i do my crown quests, but what are crowns for ?


  • RenlyRenly Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
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    Hi @jedirafael, welcome to Dungeon Boss and the Dungeon Boss forums!
    • 2 of the best PVE teams in the game are the Goblins (Zurk, Cruel King Bramble, Squinch and Cheif Nub Nub) and the Undead (Yorick, Hansuke, Brom, Zomm). Because you are such a low level, the Undead will be hard to obtain. Hence, I would recommend focusing on *'ing up the Goblins, as when fully ascended, they should be able to carry you through a lot of the PVE campaigns, as well as help you complete your first Boss Islands (long term investment as this doesn't open until level 60).
    • Other heroes to farm: Kobal (PVE/PVP), Yasmin (PVE), Torchy (PVP/PVE), Shadowblade (PVP), and a Tank (Sir William or Stonefist). (Going from memory, I'm sure I'm missing some good ones..)
    • By raid tokens, I assume you mean Honor Scrolls? I'm not sure how bountiful gold is at the lower level these days... if you find yourself falling behind in training your main hereos as you level up, save your scrolls and spend/convert it to gold. If not, keep using it in the Honor Portal, as you can get a decent number of tokens/gems per pull.
    • 10x Summon: This is really a personal preference in terms of what Hero to try for, but always wait for the x10 Heroic Summons for the guaranteed unlock, rather than doing individual Heroic Summons. Some good heroes in there are: Furnace, Masuta Kira, Grogg Gnog, Koros, etc. Personally, I would probably wait for Mastua Kira, as he is probably the most versatile and deadly hero in the game (high dmg output, fast, and dodges like crazy).
    • Crowns are related to Weekly Guild Tournaments. If you're not in a guild find one, and do your crown quests everyday. Depending on how well your guild performs, you can get some really great rewards. (To see rewards, go to the Guild Leaderboards > Crowns > Click "Rewards" at the top.) [NOTE: If the Complete 10 Daily Quests Crown quest is too much for you at level 20, you can avoid doing this one each day, and still achieve the maximum of 210 crowns/week.]

    Thats the quick and dirty of it. If you have any more questions, or need anything clarified, feel free to let me know!
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  • farfellafarfella Member
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    I have seen what are hammers for, what are orbs for, what are keys for, but never what are crowns for. Intriguing.
    Awesome Farfella guy up there was created by jackhallow666^!!!
    Also, go gorgons!
  • In all seriousness, I would spent honor on Ella, as she s easy to star, and, once you get her to six stars, will provide you with a huge advantage in the mid-level range. Also, get rid of skill runes. Nobody know what skill does anyway. I would recommend crafting no your own runes to heroic and legendary levels. This will also provide an advantage in the low to mid level range. Hope this helps!
    Awesome Farfella guy up there was created by jackhallow666^!!!
    Also, go gorgons!
  • KangKang Member
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    Fully ascended Astrid with Legendary Improved Bulwark Runes (w/defense second stat) @ around level 35 would probably be pretty awesome.
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