Crafted rune missing

I will be sending in a customer support ticket in a moment
Just post in this here as a warning of bug.

Spent a few tries crafting a bulwark rune finally got good stats rolled it all the way perfect screenshot to show off to friends.
Went to level rune up and equip it
Annnnd it's gone
Checked inventory and crafting menu
It's nowhere to be found.

Here's screenshots of the rune and my gold/gem values directly after showing they match up everything's the same except rune is gone.
And no I didn't salvage it...




  • Just to confirm I finished sending in a customer service ticket just now.
    Sent any screenshots I could think of taking as proof i crafted it and I don't have it.
    If anyone knows why it could be gone let me know so I can avoid future glitches of the manor.
    I'm super scared to craft another rune till I know why it disappeared

  • I just had the same thing happen to me. Except it took away the legendary status, dropped it down to heroic and took my 4th stat away.
  • It actually refunded the gold it would have cost to bump it up to lvl 30 rune but took away the rest
  • Aura0fsmilesAura0fsmiles Member
    edited April 2017
    My golds the same and can't find a similar rune
    maybe it totally changed the stats when it downgraded
    I hadn't spent gold to level it yet
    It was gone when I went to do so

  • Ya I actually accepted it, upgraded it and then looked who to put it on and decided not to use it. Then when I went back into my stock it had been downgraded.
  • Maybe DB programmers are getting rid of all 4th slot runes? Or their detection/correction for APM attempts could be kicking in? Who knows...
  • BrazyBrazy Member
    edited April 2017
    Odd thing happened to me too. I crafted a greater planning rune and got 10% pvp DR at heroic. I tuned again and it became out of sync. When I got back on, the rune was Legendary but only at 7% DR. Not what I was going for.
  • ocndaocnda Member
    I have had the same thing. Crafted vampiric and power dark greater runes, got both to heroic. Start upgrading them, get the "out of sync" error. When I reload, they are both now only rare! And all the gems are gone
  • I see a lot of compensation work in DB Support future. This sounds like a nightmare >.<
  • Hmmm not even sure apm could possibly work on runes but with all the talk of it going around who's stupid enough to even try it?

    Game didn't even go out of sync afaik I went straight to level it up and equip it and just couldn't find it
    I always have plenty of rune spaces so I was far from the 200 rune cap as well

  • The only possible compensation that would be fair would be the exact copy of rune
    Even if I received 40k gems
    There's no way of getting this exact rune made again odds are better I won the lottery

  • nunyanunya Member
    edited April 2017
    Happened to me too. Crafted a superior precision with crit crit and attack. It went legendary the last roll. Upgraded and put it on valk. Read this thread, went and looked at him, and it was heroic and worse than the greater he had had. :(. So now it's a useless rune.
  • I went looking for the greater vampiric I rolled last night to legendary, it's now a heroic. It still has the lifesteal on it, but no where near as good. Sadly no screenshots.
  • For me, it looked like this:



    Only cost me around 4k gems to craft it.

  • I crafted a superior yellow precision that went legendary, but when I went to my inventory, it was only heroic. I thought maybe I accidentally thought it went legendary, but it actually didn't (it was the last tune). Now that I see this thread, I'm not so sure. I don't have screenshots of the legendary version though.
  • Man, sucks for so many people. I'm fortunate to not have crafted any runes lately and I definitely will not until this issue gets fixed/resolved.

    Good luck to DB at fixing this mess. -_-
  • Same happened to me yesterday i crafted 5 improved runes for my bauble, i got 3 legendary when i woke up today and i check all runes are heroic now and 1 star less hope DB fix the bug and compensate users with all gems we spent upradging the runes
  • bvs72bvs72 Member
    Maybe this is the fix to combat cheating. If someone cheats to get a legendary rune, it will automatically be downgraded. Too bad for you honest players, but you very rarely get a legendary runes anyway.
  • nunyanunya Member
    @bvs72 I've never cheated to get a legendary (or other) rune. And it took my pretty precision. :(
  • bvs72bvs72 Member
    Suck it up @nunya. It's for the good of the game.
  • Happen to me too when trying pressing the upgrade button too quick it show message like fail to sync..then my rune downgraded
  • God this is more widespread than I hoped....
    I tired to warm as many people as I could before bed not to craft or craft at own risk once I started seeing others.
    I hoped it saved someone's runes.

  • bvs72 wrote: »
    Maybe this is the fix to combat cheating. If someone cheats to get a legendary rune, it will automatically be downgraded. Too bad for you honest players, but you very rarely get a legendary runes anyway.

    Yes that's why it's frustrating. Cause I haven't gotten a legendary rune in forever.

    It's pretty uncool that more than one person basically just said "oh, you cheated that's why"

  • Its the 3rd legend superior I've ever crafted
    and it for a 4th stat lame or not it was Still there for a moment

  • nunyanunya Member
    Thank you @Joel
  • Joel wrote: »
    This is a top priority for us right now. I'll be sure to keep you all updated on the situation.

    I never like a post but Im quoting it just to like I twice

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