Hero Idea - Gordin & Blordin, the Gourd Brothers!

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Gordin & Blordin, the Gourd Brothers


Gordin and Blordin were born as one, in the same patch of garden. They get along quite nicely, and with other plants, too! Sometimes Gordin dozes off, however, and Blordin has to do all the work by himself. While Gordin enjoys long walks in the moonlight, Blordin prefers pop techno and rave parties. They often disagree on how to spend their nights together. Oh, and if you couldn't tell, Gordin is the bigger one.

Stats (6*, Level 70, No Runes):
Hp - 6,885 (+25%)
Atk - 1,440 (+25%)
Def - 2,020
Skill - 1,650
Hit Chance - 100%
Crit Chance - 5% (+20%)
Dodge Chance - 0%
[Water Resist] - 33%
[Nature Resist] - 18%
[Spirit Resist] - 6%

Runes: Water/Water/Water/Nature/Nature

Element: Water
Slow - Hero attacks last, but gains +25% to Hp and Atk.
Turn a Blind Eye - This hero disregards Taunts and Provocation.
Plant Growth - This plant grows each turn, increasing Max Hp and Atk. Stops at 8 stacks, and stacks reset each dungeon room.
Thick Walls - Gordin takes reduced physical damage as if Armored, and takes further reduced damage from non-AoE attacks.
Top Drop - At the start of each turn, Gordin waters the Plant ally with the lowest health, healing them and Growing them by 1 stack.
Oblivious - Gordin cannot have his Attack or Defense lowered.
Top Drop II - Healing increased from Top Drop I.
Nutrient Storage - Plant allies cannot have stacks of Growth removed, by any means.
Absorbent Roots - Plant allies are Immune to Drench, and gain 2 stacks of Growth whenever they are hit by a Water attack.

Drizzle - Basic ranged Water attack on one enemy for [49.5% Atk] damage, and applies Backsplash. If targeted on an ally Plant, it heals them for up to [20%] of their health, and boosts their Def for a turn.

Water the Garden - Ranged Water attack on all enemies for [87.7% Atk] damage, and heals all Plant allies for up to [82.0% of Skill] and grows all Plant allies by 1 stack of Growth. This ability also extinguishes any Burning allies or enemies, adding boosted damage to enemies that were Burning, and boosted healing to any Burning allies (If a non-Plant ally was Burning when this ability was used, they heal for the extra amount of healing, but do not receive the initial healing that Plant allies gain. Boosted damage and healing is equal to 25% of the original value).
Cooldown: 4

Find Your Roots - Blordin channels chemical signals through all Plant allies, telling them to plant their roots in the ground for 3 turns. During this time, Plant allies that are rooted gain health regeneration each turn, and grow by 1 stack of Growth each turn on top of their normal Growth. While rooted, Plant allies also gain up to [25%] damage reduction from all sources, but cannot Dodge attacks.
Cooldown: 6

Wrath of the Gourd - Gordin charges at a single enemy, dealing [96.5% Atk] damage, Dazing the target. For 2 turns, Gordin and all Plant allies gain "Wrath of the Gourd", which increases their Crit chance, Attack, and grants an extra action upon defeating an enemy (only 1 extra action per turn). If Gordin is killed while Wrath of the Gourd is active on Plant allies, those affected Plant allies will all attack the one who killed Gordin.
Cooldown: 6


  • JackHallow666JackHallow666 Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    Just to clear things up, his Nutrient Storage passive does not save stacks of Growth through PvE dungeon rooms. They are reset like usual.
  • This is another creative and interesting idea. I have to say I like the idea overall. It would make for some interesting teams. I especially like the idea of extinguishing burning allies & enemies.
  • I don't know how I feel having water the garden on a 4 turn Cooldown. Also find your roots is mmm. It's ''mmm' to me because it only help plant allies, and ONLY plant allies. It's one of those 'noob trap' heroes to me. Getting him as one of your first hero is really going to suck. I mean it does buff him but even then I don't know how worth it really is.
    A useless fat tub of lard, with no social skills that you don't and shouldn't have to listen to. May Adele call me depressed meme at this point :^) Just kidding. I think. I hope. Pretty sure. Yeah. Pretty sure
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