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Why am I getting a worse rune for legend 1 than in all the past seasons? @Eej @Joel A 5 star heroic superior is inferior to a 5 star legendary greater. Also the last stat is less than the boss rune, 5% compared to 10% rogue damage reduction. All the previous seasons they have been the same. Can we go back to the heroic greater rune?


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    edited April 2017
    I'm curious as to where you see a 5* Legendary Greater as a reward.
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  • All previous seasons gave a legendary greater.

    The developers... somehow... though this rune would be perceived as better (Per the summit). I literally have absolutely no idea how this is possible given the average stats of the rune are definitely worse. I'm very much hoping it gets reverted next season if their intention was truly to "make it better".
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