Looking for a guild

Lvl 52. 129k roster power. 74k pvp trophies. (I was in the top 100 pvp trophies in the game when I quit) 210 crowns per week is easy. Im in an open recruitment guild right now and could make the switch as soon a spot is available. Left the game about 1 year ago when I upgraded to a new phone and lost my account. Recovered my account a few weeks ago and playing every day. Im looking for a guild that can maximize the weekly rewards. Would also love guildmates that can swap pvp strategy tips and help bring me up to speed from my absence. From forum reading it looks like I need line. I just downloaded and set it up. Line account name is "Geraldtarrant"
Im a lvl thirty eleven Lagromancer


  • FelleFelle Member
    Hello, i just created a guild and i'm looking for players like me and you (240 crowns a week) if you want to try to enter the guild is called The Crowns, for now we are few but hope to complete it as soon as possible.
  • KaceyKacey Member
    Hit us up. Our guild is huge on PvP and has some super OG pvpers there. We'd love to take you on.

    www.finalbossguild.org to apply.
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