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I know this has been brought up before, but can we get the "natural" stat variance in runes eliminated for PvP rewards? I put a ton of time and gems into this season specifically for the rune, and it rolled about as bad as it possibly can. I'm down 50-60 attack on this rune from what most people got. It's a needlessly despressing kick in the nuts after the grind of that season. Makes me feel totally ripped off.



  • My first comment after seeing my rune (Which rolled just a tad below average) was "I hate rune random rolls". I get it for crafting, but it doesn't make sense from a reward perspective. I've had runes that were 100 attack lower than my guild mates when I was top 25 and they were 90-100th.

    They could even scale it along the top 100 if they wanted, but I agree the final stats should be set.
  • The +/-6% stat variance should be removed from all runes. Stars, stats, and passives are plenty random. The variance on passives should go too.
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    I'm fine with the variance on crafting. Crafting is an inherently random process. Plus it seems kind of boring if every single att/att/dmg power rune or def/def/hp bulwark you ever craft is exactly the same.

    But to put in the time (multiple hours per day), effort (daily 75+ win streaks) and gems (many, many, many gem refreshes) it took to get top 100 last week and then get a rune that's closer to some of the Legend 1 reward superior heroics in stats than it is to the top 100 reward that most people got...that just makes me not want to do it next time.
  • I don't see how the variance adds to gameplay. You shouldn't have too consult a spreadsheet to see if a low roll 4 star rune with a high %dmg secondary is better than a medium roll 3 star rune. This kind of micromanagement is a headache, especially as we get more and more comparable runes.
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    I think variance is just plain stupid. Why should someone who ended up in position 100 in PvP have a chance to get a better rune than the first place winner? The value of reward should depend on effort and expenditure, not on a random number generator. When I first started playing this game, spending time or money had always helped better your team. You always got tokens you needed from the portals. After the portals were "broken", the game has relied more and more on the RNG. The addition of rune crafting only added to the problem. You can easily waste a couple thousand gems for worthless runes. Unless you cheat, right now the only expenditure that is worth it is using gems to buy raid tickets to get into the top 100 in PvP. Unfortunately a lot of players don't have time to grind and those that do are frustrated by the random crashes that end streaks.

    It used to be that free players could easily compete with paying players. Paying money was a short cut but not required. I don't think that is any longer the case for new F2P players.
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    I feel like getting stars and Legendary alone keeps crafting random enough, not to mention a coveted 4th stat. I've had Runes go Heroic 5* as early as the 2nd tune only to end at that.
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