Let's forget the fact that I'm getting absolutely hammered by teams 2 - 3 levels higher than me and focus on the Curious Case of Total Party Heals.

So I kill a hero with Group 1. Shade possesses the dead hero and (after I lose) I run the same level and... wait... the dead hero is now full health? This happens a few times (Heaven forbid I could wipe out the Shade, right?) and finally I kill one of the enemy heroes and she is NOT possessed before the end of the battle. Well, that means next time I only have three enemies, right? RIGHT?

Nope. All four are resurrected and healed.

Hm. Okay, time to put the game away for a while and go work on my breathing exercises.


  • yea, that happens with shade. If he possesses your hero, they come back for the next round as well. Double edged sword.
  • I was perturbed, but understood. It was the random resurrection WITHOUT Shade that really cheesed me off.
  • Aura0fsmilesAura0fsmiles Member
    edited May 2017
    I tried to solo the tower with ponti once
    He died at floor 8
    Went to do it normal
    Ponti was alive
    He died a few more times but solod the tower lol
    Sometimes glitches are fun :P

  • Evil_SpiritsEvil_Spirits Unconfirmed, Member
    Shade is just the ultimate hero ;) He causes all kinds of trouble and can be melded to be any type of hero. Praise be unto him.
  • Tower is most bugged thing in the game, heres a few i have experienced recently:

    Enemy shade possession resurrection(as described by OP).
    LOST my shade when he possessed an enemy, won the fight, and was unselectable on next levels !
    LOST an entire group after a fight, despite winning without losing a hero !
    MY MK attacking the enemy AND my guys at the same time with his primary AE attack (killing 2 of my guys)
    Enemy Ponti dying and coming back WITH his skin right away !
    My Ponti dying, should come back without his skin, but instead just lays there dead.
    The list goes on...

    Tower is such a chore at the best of times, i know, 275 gems every day shouldnt be easy, but still its a chore.
  • I had Ponti as the final opponent on a floor, kill his normal form, he ressurrects as a skeleton, which kills my final hero. I have plenty more, so fill out a full 4 hero team, send them against the 1 lone Ponti.

    Floor loads . . . . . and all the corpses sink through the floor, INCLUDING Ponti, and I get a "free" win.
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