19-7 Deadly descent challenge mode at low levels

There was a thread about this level from awhile back but it only was recommending help for higher level players. This level is difficult when your level is too low for debuffs to work. I completed it at level 57 with Something like Zombi's RPT team. I used Indigo, Ekko, Bramble, and Daeris in that order. Two revival potions and one energy potion. I had to build Indigo, Ekko and Daeris from scratch, but it was worth it. I used bramble for the damage buff and his overlords blitz on the final level. Here is a link to Zombi's video, it was hugely helpful as it gives you the basic strategy I used. Finished with two stars but my team isn't fully leveled or runed. Hope this helps anyone who was stuck on this stage at a low level like I was! Big thanks to Zombi as well for the great video.

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