What level do you have 35 crowns per day available?

I made a new account, currently level 14, and I am unable to get the quest to use a friends hero for 10 crowns. I was wondering if anyone knew at which level that showed up. Thanks!


  • I have heard that you get all 3 crown quests at level 21. I can not confirm this.
  • echonapechonap Member
    Maybe you should update us when you figure it out. Most forum users are near max level.
  • SidiaSidia Member
    Once i get the 4th crown quest I will update, but it will be some time until that day comes (if its 21)
  • I'm level 35 and I only get 3 crown quests/day - 10 for 3 PvP, 10 for summoning a friend, 5 for completing 10 daily quests.
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