Challenge Lich fear not healing - intended?

Is it intended that lich fear is unhealable? Yasmin Cure Wounds dont take if off and the epic trigger also does nothing. It also do not wear off.


  • It's probably to counter the yasmin stonefist abuse
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  • It's been there forever. Not a new thing.
  • ThundRThundR Member
    Yep he's right
    So much work.
  • bvs72bvs72 Member
    @FatCat69 looks female to me. Those eyes are too penetrating.
  • ThundRThundR Member
    They will stare into your soul before it is given to hopper
    So much work.
  • @bvs72, humorously, that cat *was* female.

    Fifi was an Abyssinian and lived a long life, albeit a hard one. Her stay with us was a short, but we made her comfortable for the year or so that we had. We adopted her at a ripe old age and although she was the smallest cat in our household, there was no doubt that she was the one in charge.

    She was an absolute sweetheart, but had the worst case of resting b!tch face I've ever seen. In every photo, she's always wearing a glaring scowl.
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