Battle order

Fighting a PvP
My team
Shadow, Shade, Bov, Koros

Other team
Shade, Emily, Koros, Grog

I was wondering if this is normal for a battle while in PvP. I ask because my Shade could not have been able to possess so fast. Maybe I am wrong and just wanted to double check.
.... their Shade goes first and kills my shadow blade.
---My Shade goes and tries to take out Emily... she is still standing
Then their grog jumps and rolls in killing all but my Shade....
Then after their grog goes their Shade goes again BUT he is able to possess my koros. That is never possible for my Shade in any battle. Just thought that was odd. Maybe not


  • nunyanunya Member
    The defender starts off with all abilities powered to make up for the fact that the attacker can tailor a team to the defense.
  • Shade can't link to a shade (don't cross the beams and all that), so the defensive shade who starts with all abilities charges like nunya said just moved onto the next abiltiy.
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