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Hello hello fellow Dungeon Boss Enthusiasts! I have recently decided to jump back into Dungeon Boss after a hiatus of about 1 year or so, and I have quickly come to realize that the game has changed so much with the addition of new game mechanics and features (like Runes and changes to the PvP system). I quickly found myself lost and unsure of how to go about playing this game again. The queries I have are:

-What team can I use for PvP and the ToP? I'm facing a lot of difficulties there :( Most of my heroes are very low in stars and I'm lacking quite a few heroes as well, namely Kozar, Hopper, Daeris, MK, Ember, Malice, Lily, Koros, Gnog Gnog, Zen, Bauble, Shade, Valkin, Shade, Kai, Hagrim, Hansuke, Krexx, Julius, Bramble) Can someone suggest a team I can use in PvP so that I can finally start winning some matches XD and also the ToP (I know it's probably impossible for me to have an auto attack team at this point, so even a team that requires sacrificing other heroes is fine). If possible, please also include what runes I should equip for those heroes :)

-Quick Level or Slow Level? I'm currently level 55 and I'm in a dilemma. To quick level to 60 so that epics and the ability to craft superior runes is enabled and only start slow leveling then, or to slow level right now, so that I can hopefully catch up with the other level 55 players who possibly have higher star heroes than me in every category.

-Is the VIP portal worth it?

-Which heroes should I get when they come by?

-Is it worth investing in getting legendary improved runes?

Do feel free to offer me any other advice (since I obviously desperately need it XD); all help is greatly appreciated! Thank you for reading my post and helping me out :)


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    RIP my post which I spent half an hour writing :(( I've summarized my queries in the post above. Thanks for all the help guys!
  • There are going to be a lot of responses from people a lot more familiar with some of your issues, but here's a go to get you started:

    - Teams for PvP and ToP...people have different the forums for videos by Zombi, that's a great place to start. I'm sure there will be many responses that discuss this in detail.

    - Quick level or Slow Level...most opinions say pick either and go for it, they both have advantages..most opinions say don't waste your time with a "hybrid". Here come plenty of replies talking about this, too!

    - Most people in this forum seem to agree that the VIP level is not essential and several think its not worth it.

    - Which heroes? That'll spark another discussion. Most people in the forum would say that once you can do ToP you can afford to wait for the 10x summon on most any hero you want.

    - When you can routinely finish ToP and daily quests with gems, you will probably move to Greaters as soon as you can. Legendary Improved doesn't cost nearly as much as greaters...its up to you and your gem supply. If you can't afford it I wouldn't lose sleep over it as you're probably going to use Improveds as a "stepping stone" so any halfway reasonable improved should do the trick.

    - Most people feel the runes are much more important than the # of stars.

    - Most people feel PVP matchmaking is still a mess, bit there's plenty of honor to buy some of the odd mats and things you might not easily find elsewhere.

    - The quests have been getting more generous lately with tokens, etc.

    - I'm only an advanced beginner at this. You'll have to read the other replies you get here and see how they fit your the end its what do you feel comfortable with combined with what do you have on hand already to use to its best effect.

    Hope this gets things rolling...
  • It's a game of stepping stones. Try to skip too many steps and you'll end up falling on your face.

    My advice would be not to deliberately slow level, and put on whatever runes you can to start with on the heroes you use. If they get superseded by other heroes later on, strip off their runes and reuse or recycle them, ideally during a free rune unequip event.

    e.g. Selwyn is pretty useless now, but he was the only Freeze character I had for the longest time. He was useful for one tower floor, then he was just cannon fodder. If you have Valkin, Igorok or Icebloom, you don't really need to bother with Selwyn.

    Lady Nimriel is equally useless (or at least unnecessary) past a certain point, despite the difficulty of getting her tokens, and the fact she has an epic weapon. I used her a lot in the early levels a year or more ago, but haven't used her outside of an event in so long I had to look up the her name.

    As you acquire the newer characters you'll find many of the older ones just don't justify their any more. The developers have refreshed some of them, and equipped some with epic weapons, but many are still in limbo, lacking sufficient skills, passives or interesting moves that they just don't appeal to higher level players. That said, some of the older heroes have found a place in my "use regularly" list, due to epics or a rework of their stats and skills.

    There is a point where having a big roster of heroes (some merely to be sacrificed) equipped with moderate Improved runes will help you complete the tower, loasing a lot of heroes along the way. I can recall the day I first managed the whole tower, and then found I could do it every day.

    Today I did the tower with the same four heroes on every floor, auto-running most of those floors. Who did I use? Yasmin (max epic), Augustus (epic level 10), Astrid and Nub-Nub (max epic).

  • at 55, I'd say its better to go all-in. Get to 70, start farming so you can build a strong arsenal of greater runes, and find a guild who gets 10,500 so you can start banking some free summons.
    My alt account is at 50, and is extremely week - its a F2P account, but new xp mechanics essentially strong armed it into a fast level. The struggle is real, so just keep on hammering out.

    Are all plugs shameless?
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    I'd suggest slow level, get to know game mechanics first and build a team which can clear tower daily as ur priority.
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