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    pmailliwb wrote: »
    I don't think anyone is looking for sympathy. As the title of this page indicates, this is about "Constructive Feedback". The intention of this game from the standpoint of the developers is to appeal to the largest number of players in order to make the most money, ultimately. If the psychology of what occurred is such that the majority, "98%" as you state, got nothing, then the developers have succeeded in annoying 98% of their customers. Also, you should remember that on the day that the Guild Wars ended, you, too, thought that the first in each guild were to have gotten the "Real MVP" title.

    This is not about sympathy. This is about trying to help the developers make this a better game.

    Let's help them make a better game.

    98% of the player in the top 50 didn't get nothing.
    They got nothing EXTRA.
    They've designed it so that some achievements are extremely hard to get.
    Legendary conqueror is one of them.
    Coming in first in your guild in guild games is another.

    So, you're suggesting what, that people in lower ranked guilds, many of whom got guild games rewards, should have had the option of getting an achievement if they came in first in their guild? Because your comments have been circling around this but not articulate. You can make a case for this, but again, this IS a guild games event, and they achievement is rewarding not only the MVP of a guild, but the guild itself too.

  • KangKang Member
    I would like to see some non-rival guild challenges -- extremely difficult weekly dungeons that, if every member completes it, rewards a PvE stat Legendary Rune.

    Or how about a guild v guild PvP clash? Not who can grind through the most matches, but an actual bracketed system.
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    edited June 2017
    How about a week off from ANY events instead. Hell I'm fine with a month or two off from events, epics or new heroes if it means the programmers can focus on fixing some of these little bugs that have been hanging around forever. Nothing major, just fix some of this stuff! Or make some simple community adjustments/ideas that have been throw around.
  • I'm hoping the guild boss battles are similar to the Injustice guild Multiverse bosses. Each guild member can run a dungeon and if they defeat the Boss the boss loses 1 tick of damage, after all the players do so it is defeated and some payout is awarded.
    This could apply to a bunch of guild games things, have Guild Quests, where each member can contribute to a total thing (have a guild kill 1000 armored enemies, PVP 80 times with casters, Run 200 tower floors, etc.)
    This would make guild cooperation amazing.
  • Good ideas @Wolfreich, so take the individual quests and turn them into guild ones, not a bad idea at all. And if some guild members can't do a certain quest, others can fill in to complete it and they can focus on another part of the quests. Me likey! :)
  • @kang you're on the to something there. I like the pvp brackets. The gm smashes the tournament button and matches you up with an appropriate guild. Might be hard to make everyone have evenly matched opponents though.
    Awesome Farfella guy up there was created by jackhallow666^!!!
    Also, go gorgons!
  • Evil_SpiritsEvil_Spirits Unconfirmed, Member
    I'll just say I did things and got points but I got no reward at all lol. Seemed kinda pointless.
  • I'll just say I did things and got points but I got no reward at all lol. Seemed kinda pointless.
    How is that constructive feedback?

  • danacdanac Member
    Nameless wrote: »

    Before you guys start chucking eggs my way stop and think about it for a second.

    I can't throw that far.
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