Hero Spotlight: Ferno the Dragon



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    kuyaigs wrote: »
    on aerial superiority, i'm not sure if this is a bug or not but if ferno dies before he gets to take his turn the debuff does not go away by the time my next normal hero goes. this has cost me a few raids already

    Been addressed. If he dies, the debuff lasts till the end of roud1. I believe it's not supposed to last longer.

    And that has to be taken into account.
    If you have Flappy then Koros, and Flappy dies, you've neutered your own strategy. Generally people are making Flappy defensive for that purpose.
  • Well, the reason I ask about Aerial Superiority stats is because I'm not 100% convinced that it's working all the time...

    For example, I would never expect any casters on my team - while under the "protection" of Aerial Superiority + 3-4k runed defense + 50% def boost from Astrid (on top of the runes) all with 6-7k health and a blessing - to die in just one or two hits... but it happens every 10 raids or so.

    At least with Astrid, her Boomerang Shield III specifically says "lowers ATK 74%" at lvl 69.
  • I probably suck, as I struggle to stay in Champion, but I use Rocky, Willow, Lilly and Ferno in PVP. They're a fun team to play and as long as I pick a sensible fight, they can definitely win. They appear to suck in Defense though.
  • I am still playing around with him trying to find an effective team to use him in and appropriate runes...
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    Hint, watch almost any replay from anyone in the Boss 100. ;) Should give you some good ideas of who he works well with.
  • A good team is furnace (attack runes/one bulwark) bauble (all damage reduction) puff (dr and 1 attack) and koros (attack and defense (champ runes)).
  • Isn't ferno sulfurous son
  • Who is flappy
  • frezzeman wrote: »
    Who is flappy

    nickname for ferno,
    Puff is another.

    Also, 'that fat little dragon'.
  • One day,ferno,you will not feel like the only dragon in the village
    One day.....
  • I can't wait to see what the new dragon's nickname will be xD Then the barbs will be nothing with 2 dragons and a couple angels.
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