Fan Hero: SparkFeetz the Electrified Goblin


Description: "SparkFeetz is a designer of weaponery and other gadgets for the Nuggetooth Goblins. One day, when working on a new invention, a magical bolt of lightning struck SparkFeetz, giving him the ability to absorb and manipulate electricity! Now with his newly forged steel fork, SparkFeetz can fry his enemies in many different ways. He likes his foes cooked medium."

Element: Light

Classification: Goblin Caster



Non-Ascended Passives

-Mystical: Deals 25% more damage to slow and tank heroes.

-Lightning Rod: Heals from lightning attacks instead of taking damage. When SparkFeetz is shocked, chance to shock attackers, as well as a chance to deal moderate lightning damage to all enemies when hit by any attack. SparkFeetz is also more susceptible to being shocked.

Non-Ascended Abilities

-Poke: Basic melee physical attack.

-Leeching Lightning: Ranged lightning attack on a target, with splash damage and chance to shock. Steals all buffs from original target and adds it to SparkFeetz's team (Cooldown: 7 turns.)

First Ascension Passives

-Mystical 2: Deals 50% more damage to slow and tank heroes.

-Powersaver: Immune to being City Choked, and Exhaustion (energy loss from certain enemy abilities/passives.)

-Goblin Insight: Increase Goblin allies' skill by 25%.

First Ascension Abilities

-Eureka!: SparkFeetz gets struck by a bolt of lightning, cleansing all of his debuffs, boosting attack and crit, then adding shock to himself (Cooldown: 5 turns.)

Second Ascension Passives

-Mystical 3: Deals 75% more damage to slow and tank heroes.

-Discharge: When SparkFeetz dies, allies gain 3 energy and all enemies have a chance to become shocked.

Second Ascension Abilities

-Power Out: Ranged Lighting attack on all enemies, adds energy drain and chance to shock (Cooldown: 6 turns.)
Current Level: 70
Proud Member of the Potato Family
"We should have more tags."
Favorite Hero: Bauble
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