Looking for a new Tower of Pwnage Autorun team?

Tired of Masuta Kira mowing down your entire attack team?
Tired of Grog Gnog slowing your entire team?
Tired of sacrificing wave after wave of heroes as fodder in the Tower of Pwnage?

FERNO can help!

SEE Moschophoros’ new Tower of Pwnage Autorun video:

Queen Yasmin as the Healer
Death Fang Torchy as the Flaming Flier
Pignius Maximus as the Pig Kahuna with a chip on his shoulder

Starring Most of All:
Ferno the Dragon Caster

SEE Ferno emasculate wave after wave of enemies!
SEE the Fiery Armageddon Ferno and Friends leave in their wake!
LAUGH as your heroes cut through each floor like a flaming knife through butter!

Watch it today on a Youtube video channel near you:


  • Does the Tower count as "PVP" - in the scope of runes that have Damage Reduction - will they help protect your team in the Tower of Pwnage?


  • heelerheeler Member
    Another great video, Moschophoros! Thank you!
  • JackHallow666JackHallow666 Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    kalamadea wrote: »
    Does the Tower count as "PVP" - in the scope of runes that have Damage Reduction - will they help protect your team in the Tower of Pwnage?


    No, it seems it's not PvP. Otherwise you could do PvP quests in the Tower and you certainly can't do that.
  • ZapZap Member
    Wow, until I watched the video I didn't realize you did this with Ferno only at 3 stars and with only a mix of greater and lesser runes on all the heroes..... that's amazing
  • Hi, Zap! Thanks for the comment. It's possible to do quite a lot with only a little. Synergies and Epic procs are the tools, as well as the best runes you can muster up. I have videos on auto-running some of the boss islands and other tower run options. Check them out through my Youtube channel.

    Good Luck!
  • Great idea, great video. Unfortunately, just tried it and my epic'd Torchy died in the 2nr or 3rd round of the first floor..not sure why...know he's mostly greater runes but I better go check 'em.

    Will check out your other videos...
  • I usually run the tower by just throwing the first 4 heroes at it until they die and then replacing them with the next 4 and so on and so on. I have a sufficient number of heroes that I would make it to the top without going through half my roster.

    Today I decided to see if there was a team I could put together to run the entire tower without any substitutions all the way from the bottom to the top. Here was my team;

    Ember 6* FA w/ runes
    Yasmin 6* FA 10 epic w/ runes
    Emily 6* FA max epic w/ runes
    Nub Nub 6* FA 8 epic w/ runes

    The only trouble I ran into was the teams with Solaris as only Emily could hit her. Otherwise it was easier than I thought.
  • I run, all 6 star, fully ascended, max epic:


    In that order. Only teams that kill when autorunning are ones with Shade, so I just have to make sure he doesn't spirit link and I'm usually fine.
  • Torchy Pignius Grog Sol. Often the team is dead before you even have to move. Very fast team with good rune setup.
  • Balog, Takumi, Alex, Jabber
    Just because I like to troll.

    Are all plugs shameless?
  • Lol jokes on you I don't have Ferno :)
    IGN: MatadorGKilla
    Level 60 (might forget to update)
    Scrub in: Guildless right now lol.
    My internet is back, I don't think anyone cares anyways.
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