Zeph the swift

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Background: "Zeph belongs to a race of ancient cicada like beings that spend the first 170 years of their life underground before coming to the surface to fly. Unfortunately, Zeph is blind and when he arose he was confused and scared. For months he spent on the ground miserably crawling, mosses and lichens growing on his back. The trees and predators of the forest home would be a death sentence if he went flying blind. Things went on like this until he was discovered by a curious elven princess...
She brought him to her home and nursed him back to health. Using a special red crystal, she fashioned a special pair of goggles that helped his eyesight, and she helped him learn to fly. Zeph was eternally grateful to the elf that helped him that day and swore his services to her to protecting her lands.

Zeph: Supersonic, flying, insect
"Known for unrivaled speed, Zeph swore to protect his forest home when an elf helped his ailing eyesight"
Most liked hero: Zeph cannot give more thanks to Lady Nimriel for all she's done for him.
Allies: Lily Blossom, Willow Swift, Phemus
Most hated hero: Zeph constantly "races" Torchy, except its more of a chase when Torchy tries to eat him.
Enemies: Nitpick, Koros, Kobal
-available in the honor portal.
Starts at two stars
Nature: + against water/- against fire
Attack ⭐️
Defense ⭐️⭐️
Supersonic: faster than fast.
Flying: reduced damage from melee attacks.
Sap drinker: heals when attacking nature enemies.
Scratch: a fast physical melee attack, dealing light damage.
Superspeed!: applies shifty II to Zeph for 3 turns.
Cool down: 6 turns

-First ascension
25 nature evo monarchs
25 dark evos
5 stormwind evos
Enhancement: all buffs applied to Zeph are instead enhanced versions, and act with double effectiveness.
(Stat buffs are doubled, consumables like aegis shield will last twice, healing buffs like voodoo chant and cleansing heal will do double healing)
Tag team: All buffs and debuffs are removed from Zeph and are given to a target ally. Starts powered.
Cool down:5

-second ascension
30 nature evos
10 light evo monarchs
4 subterranean evos
Flying II: reduced damage from melee attacks.
Spirit of nature: boosts attack stat on all nature allies.
Molting: removes all debuffs and lowers defense on all allies.
Cool down: 4

Next hero preview:
"Go and rely on your seekers, we have our god, and she is hungry..."
Beware dirt everywhere of your doom, for I am Life Reaper Broom


  • JackHallow666JackHallow666 Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    "Supersonic: Faster than fast"

    God no, please no, noooo...

  • God no, please no, noooo...
    Lol, I have to admit that an ability like that would lead to heroes more painful than mk and shade if it did exist.
    Beware dirt everywhere of your doom, for I am Life Reaper Broom
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