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These heroes are Aquamarine the Unbroken, Garnet the Infernal, Peridot the Aggressive, Tourmaline the Evolving, Citrine the Blinding, Topaz the Possessed, Quartz the Reincarnated, Sapphire the Coldhearted, Jade the Exquisite, Ruby the Warmhearted, Emerald the Precious, and Amethyst the Festive. Here are some fun facts:
  1. Aquamarine's immune to 9 debuffs!
  2. Peridot's immune to Poison AND Wound!
  3. Tourmaline's a girl Goblin!
  4. Citrine's immune to her ability. She's the only non-epic boss character like that!
  5. Quartz is all about Fear.
  6. Emerald's a Healer -- and a Rogue!
  7. Amethyst is a Dark Healer -- but she doesn't Leech.
  8. Ruby is a Healer -- that Lifesteals!
  9. Garnet has a hostile ability -- and personality!
  10. Topaz can redirect enemy healing to her team!
  11. Sapphire's a Slow Undead hero -- but he's a Rogue!
  12. Jade buffs her team's DEF -- and at the same time, lowers the enemy team's DEF!
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