Big list of tips for new and old players.

Hi guys,

Wanted my first forum post to be something helpful, when I first started DB off the recommendation of a friend I just dived in head first, and wish I had come to the forums to gather a few tips to maximize my progress and not waste so many resources! With that said, here's a list of useful tips mainly for new players, but some might to apply to all.

1) Learn what each resource is and what it does.

Very self-explanatory but for a new starter it’s very important to know what each resource is and what it can be spent on, I’m going to cover the very basic resources and some useful facts about them.

Gold - Your primary resource that you get from pretty much everything, its mainly used for levelling hero’s ability’s, crafting resources and later on unequiping runes ect. For new starters you can also use gold in the basic summon portal, 10,000 per pull, or 100,000 for a 10x summon ( keep reading to find out what the means. )

Gems – Arguably the most important resource with materials coming a close second, you obtain gems in different ways, mainly Quests, Beating new dungeons and Tower of pwnage . The reason they are so important early game is for the 10x gem summon, and late game for tuning of runes or unlocking a new hero in the portal. You don’t want to be wasting these keep reading to find out how much to save and why.

Stamina – This resource allows you to run dungeons by quick looting or manual running, most will cost 5 stamina but later on some dungeons can take 20 stamina to run, Stamina can be purchased for gems, from the tower and can also be brought for real cash. At the start of the game you will use stamina to get through the chapters, later on its time to hoard stamina.

Evo’s / Celestial Evo’s – These drop from dungeons, can be gotten from quests and from the tower, can also be purchased using the above resources, they are used to “ascend” hero’s, which unlocks various new ability’s for that hero and improves its power. Celestial evos are special types of evos that are very rare to obtain, they can be crafted for a gold / gem / evo cost or they can drop from dungeons and sometimes during events can be obtained via quests / special dungeons.

Hero Tokens – This is the last currency ill cover, all hero’s have a star rating, some will start with 1 star, others will start with 2-3, every dungeon you run in dungeon boss will have an associated hero token, you obtain this by 3* the dungeon and getting a silver+ chest, a silver chest will drop 1 token, gold drops 2 and purple drops 3, once you have beaten the dungeon and received a chest that token is no longer available until reset, unless you spend 20 gems to “refresh” the dungeon, which is simply never worth the cost UNLESS, you are say 249/250 tokens to 6 star one of your main heros, but 99% of the time I wouldn’t recommend it. Tokens also come from quests, the tower and events.

2) Prioritising your roster.

In this section we will discuss your roster and your goals, level 1-10 this doesn’t apply, just run dungeons with the hero’s provided try to avoid quick looting as the starting dungeons don’t drop anything but tokens/small evos which isn’t worth the stamina cost. Once you are level 10+, its time to prioritise your roster, by this I mean you want to focus on a small group of hero’s that you will use for PvE, and another small group for PvP. There is so many hero’s in DB that do so many different things it’s hard to know sometimes whether to ascend hero X or Y, below im going to break down some hero’s which will work well in BOTH pvp and pve, this way you’re not spending resources trying to ascend every single hero, rune every one and pay the skills cost.

PVE – When starting the game, way up until you complete challenge mode I always stuck with a basic line up, 1 x Tank, 1 x Healer 2 x DPS, this isn’t saying that any other combination won’t be as good, or quicker or anything like that, its just a very basic, and working way to finish the entire campaign without having the best runes, ascensions or relying on potions ect.
In terms of “who” to fill those roles, everyone will have their opinion and favourites. And everyone will unlock hero’s in a different order, this is where priority comes into play, you want to focus on unlocking hero’s you will actually use, there is no point wasting resources especially early in the game on hero’s that you never use for any other purpose than to sit on your roster, so with that said here’s a breakdown on hero’s that will consistently perform well in most PvE settings, AND have a use in pvp.

Well start with DPS, im going to pick 1 from each element, fire, nature, water, light and dark.

Grog-nog – Were going to start with Grog, Hes a 3 star ICE hero available from the heroic summon, his basic attack is unique as it hits not just once, but twice. Which once properly runed means he can 1 shot 2 mobs in most dungeons before challenge mode. His first ability is strike, a powerful AoE attack that will hit all mobs, His Second ability is Snow day, again a big AoE attack that also buffs your teams defence, Lastly he has Frost breath another AoE move to finish off any stragglers, the fact he has a double auto attack + 3 aoe specials makes him a very powerful hero for PvE, and he also can be used in PVP.

Tsume – Secondly comes Tsume, a 1 star Nature hero. A common theme your going to notice is all dps hero’s ill mention will have at least 1 AoE attack from the point of unlocking, Tsume has “Soul Shred” as hero opening move, which is a high nature damage based AoE. His second move is “Double Chop” which hits the same enemy 2 times for high Dmg, and thirdly has “Spreading panic” which will again hit 2 enemy with the chance to “Fear” which causes all dmg on that target to be 2x. The benefit of Tsume is his first ascension requires no celestial evos which makes him very appealing early game.

Koros – 3 Star Fire Monster available in the heroic summon, Koros is an absolute beast on every level, his first ability is “Purging pyre” an AoE fire attack for very high damage, his second move is “Siphoning strike” which attacks 3 enemy’s ( can be the same enemy x 3 ) for high damage, and lastly has “Stinging strike” which is a 1x attack with chance to poison for very high damage. His basic attack has the chance to remove a buff and heal koros, and koros is also amazingly good in PvP, more to come on that later.

Pontifex Mortis – 3* Dark hero available from the Honor summon with a very unique quality, His first move is Chaos Storm, a powerful Dark AoE attack which will eventually revive your dead team mates to attack targets for 1 turn, His second move is Grave digger which buffs his water resistance and fires a high damage attack against a target, and lastly he has Doom bolt which is a lightning attack which does high damage and even more so to armoured heros. Ponti is unique as when he dies, he revives as a Skeleton and gains 2 more abilitys, a bone shield and lifesteal, once he uses life steal he revives as ponti at full health, no other hero in DB can do this. He has a great use in pvp because of this aswell.

Masuta Kira – And last DPS hero from the heroic portal ill cover is “Mk” a fast light rouge, his first ability is Death blossom which is an AOE move that throws 2 daggers at a target, his second move is vibrating palm, a single target high dmg attack, and lastly Dim Mak which is a melee high dmg attack that puts nerve damage onto a target preventing healing, Mk’s use in PvE is great, but he excels in PVP as he is a “fast” hero so will go before any normal/slow heros.

That covers DPS, early in the game you won’t have access to any of these heros barring Tsume, it doesn’t mean any other team you run won’t be as good ect, it just gives you some hero’s to aim for.

Next ill cover Tanks.

Sir William – This is the tank I ran through the entire game with, Hes available from the great summon ( gold summon ) and is very reliable, His first move is “bring it on” Which adds taunt to William, revenges any attack and buffs his defense. His second move is Guarding Strike, a melee attack that will increase defense on your team. Lastly he has smack down, a heavy dmg melee attack.
I won’t cover any other tanks, as no matter which you go for, as long as they have taunt they are there to soak damage and nothing much else.

And finally ill cover healers, or healer on this occasion.

Chief Nub nub – The very best PvE healer in my opinion available from the honor summon, His first move is voodoo chant, which is a turn based heal that will “tick” after every turn for 5 turns, his second ability is stout team, which buffs attk/defense of your entire team, and lastly he gains Haste Ally, which gives a second action to a team mate. There are other healers which will work just fine in PvE, but Nub Nub at least in my humble opinion is just the best PvE healer to aim for. He is a slow healer however, so I wouldn’t recommend him in PvP especially late game.

Now we’ve covered some basic heroes, its time to talk about priority, what I mean by this is when you play DB you will naturally unlock more and more hero’s, it can be very tempting when you unlock someone new to instantly ascend / rune / skill that hero and put it in your PvE team to kick some ****, try to resist this temptation, especially until level 28 onwards, you want to focus as much as you can on your best PvE team, lets say you are running William / Nub / Tsume / Nitpick, you want to make sure everything you do in the game is to improve these hero’s, When you level them up you want to buy the new level of skills right away, you will work towards ascending them all and getting the relevant tokens, everyone else in your roster comes second, Your best runes will go on these hero’s and you will salvage any other runes for materials to make better runes for these hero’s, the reason you do this is because you want to be able to beat dungeons on the first run, if you lose all your hero’s in a dungeon you lose the loot along with it, aswell as the stamina spent, and any potions used. so by powering up these heros so you can breeze through content without worrying about getting stuck, which allows your level to increase which brings more rewards!

3) Your daily routine

In this section we will cover what you want to be doing on a daily basis to maximize your resources, im going to use my routine as an example, everyone’s will vary with level/roster but some things are universal and you should be doing every day. So here goes!
Log in (obviously)
Straight to “my dungeon” ( pvp ), Here I make a decision, will I rank up to a new league today? If answer is yes I DON’T loot my chest, if answer is no I loot it this is because as you increase your league the rewards in your chest will increase. Doing this straight away means other people wont steal as much from your chest later on. While still here I open the honor shop and buy 2x gold chest, this is 1000 honor for 500,000 gold, Which as a new starter especially is a massive boost! Once ive done that its time to finish 3 pvp battles for my daily quest, I do this and then I come out of “my dungeon”

Next I open up the campaign, and open boss island, here I run the first gold dungeon manually and I bring either 2 energy / health potions ( usually health, but I do have over 240 if you don’t have many potions ignore this step ) I run through the dungeon to the boss, using 2 x health potions along the way ( if you out level the dungeon just run it with 1 hero to guarantee it will take some dmg ) at the boss I use a friends hero to finish off. This has completed potion sampling quest + your “use a friends hero in a dungeon guild daily”
After this I quick loot the rest of the gold dungeons / Evo dungeons and the FIRST potion dungeon ( 0 stam cost ) this completes the quick loot a dungeon daily.

Next I open up my hero page, I go to a hero with low level runes and upgrade 1 just once, this completes another quest, Now I open the shop, I always purchase 4 x 25 stamina for 25 gems, 100 gems for 100 stamina to me is very much worth it. ( completes another quest )
Now its tower time, I open up the shop first and purchase 2 x 50 stamina for 1400 tower points, again defiantly worth the cost. Then I run the entire tower for a nice purple chest, gems stamina and gold, I cannot stress how important it is to run



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    *evos and *heroes Sorry. That was bothering me. Good work! Now let me acually read it instead of skimming it... 1.Fear can have a different damage multiplier depending on hero's level. 2. That is all I could find! I agree with everything here!
    Awesome Farfella guy up there was created by jackhallow666^!!!
    Also, go gorgons!
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    Just realised I posted this in general and not newcomers, can a mod move this please :)
  • @Sigoth you can move it yourself with the edit button. :)
    Awesome Farfella guy up there was created by jackhallow666^!!!
    Also, go gorgons!
  • Good tips so far.

    Regarding resources, you skipped aether and pwnage points. I suppose for a new player, they won't see these for a long time, so it is simpler if you omit them for now.

    Regarding daily routine, I would add that you should not buy energy to go over the cap or you will stop getting "free" energy. Instead, run dungeons until you have enough space to hold the amount you plan to purchase. There are exceptions to this, but for a new player, there goal should be to never waste energy.

    Finally, I would NEVER recommend to a new player to purchase energy using gems. Gems are, by far, the most valuable resource. It should only be used for rune tuning, raid tickets, and rarely for heroic summons. Ideally, the new player should join a guild and get free heroic summons every week instead of wasting gems for that purpose. I would tell new players to hoard their gems and use it only for crafting. Once they reach a point where they can be competitive in pvp, they can consider using gems for raid tickets too.
  • I won't comment on personal opinion stuff (although it might be worth mentioning Yasmin in the healer section since she becomes invaluable once epiced) but I think you have to mention team synergy as a goal early on, and highlight the goblin and undead teams. Other than that I noticed two errors:

    1. Section 1 - Hero tokens: you don't need to 3* a dungeon to get a hero token. The chest drops are independent of the star rating.
    2. Section 2 - Ponti: any special attack will cause dead heroes to attack, not just Chaos Storm.
  • But you do need to 3 star a dungeon to quick loot it. Maybe that's what was meant...
  • Not bad but your overview of the heroes is very superficial and doesn't touch on PvE vs PvP. Listing Sir William as the only tank for example misses out on the Furnace who is arguably the best tank in the game and useful in PvE and PvP whereas Sir William is not that useful in either. At this point in the game its less about individual heroes and more about the synergistic teams you can make with them for PvE or PvP or as you will often see people talking about, its about the Meta.

    A lot of the advice is great early in the game, some (like always do the tower) is great throughout the game, but some like spend 100 gems on stamina every day is bad advice. I agree with echonap, one of the best pieces of advice is improve to the point you can join a guild and then to the point where you can always get maximum crowns a week then get into a good guild preferably one which is first place most of the time (even the best guilds miss now and then when something happens with a single player). That way you earn 5 heroic summons a week which should be saved to use 10 at a time for guaranteed unlocks. That is the best way to improve your roster and get some of the most important heroes.
    I can no longer decide from day to day what to think of this game.... and that is frustrating
    I can no longer stand the direction of this game nor the insulting way issues are dealt with
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    Im always learning something new, didn't realise fear was based on level, id love to edit my original post but it wont seem to let me. but thanks for the advice.


    I skipped Aether and was going to touch on pwnage points when I got to the section on how to run the tower, I suppose its personal preference but I still think the gems for stamina is a good investment mainly due to events, a level 20-50 isn't going to be pushing for boss 100 so gems for tickets doesn't make sense to me, same with rune tuning, I don't think the average player is going to be crafting greater + runes for a while so dumping gems into tuning say improved runes isn't something id recommend, Heroic summons however we both agree on.


    the 3* dungeon was a mistake by myself, I got confused with quick looting id love to edit my OP but it doesn't look like im able to team synergies defiantly is something im going to cover and your point about yasmin is completely valid, but the purpose of the tips is for someone who doesn't have access to epics, I may do another section covering epics at some point however.


    I purposely didn't include furnace only due to this being a new player guide and I didn't want to include to many heroic summon characters, while I agree hes the best tank in the game, William was mentioned due to being very easily accessible and ascended. I again didn't want to touch on the meta as that isn't something a new starter is going to need to worry about until later on in the game.
  • I even think tuning improved runes is a better investment than buying energy. In fact, I thinking holding gems until you are level 60 in a year and a half of slow leveling, and have access to superior runes for tuning, is still a better investment than buying energy. Unless there is an event that you could use the extra energy for, such as triple mats, or guild games, energy should never be purchased.

    The rest of your advice is solid. Props for helping out the newbies.
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