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My guildmate wanted to see me do a picture of Koros and this is what I ended up drawing. Hope you guys enjoy it.
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  • Cool you even captured the gem on Koros's forehead (a lot of players miss this detail)
    This is a good drawing.
    It looks like Indigo and Willow are having an argument, while Yamin is trying to point out that there is a big Manticore about to crispy-fy them.
    So much work.
  • holy molasses, this is a truly amazing drawing! it looks really great! :smile:
  • Darn it I love everything about this picture! Especially the facial expressions!
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  • This drawing is fantastic
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  • i like the drawing - if you are prone to cloud-watching, you can sort of see an alien-lookin fella on indigo's wardrobe. 3-legged slender man...

    Are all plugs shameless?
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