Help new player.

Hello "New player here" well i played on realese but quit some time after that. as i understand i should save 2700 gems and get chests. but after that i dont know what i should be focusing on in lower levels. if anyone can help thank you =)


  • well, also i need to figure out what teams for pvp and pve i should use.
  • You may notice that, beyond just a team of one color, heros are set into teams that complement or boost each other.

    Current teams include beasts, monsters, demons, demon hunters, reptiles, constructs, plants undead, goblins and dwarves. Some teams have more then 4 members at present, some fewer.

    Some heroes don't fit into any team, and generally speaking these are the ones that you can ignore. Occasionally they have skills that are so generally useful that even if they don't fit into a team you'll want them anyway.

    In the long term in PvE you will want a team to autorun (or semi-autorun) each of the Boss Island Dungeons to collect totems. I have found the three green goblins excellent for this, plus Yasmin, Squinch (the sole red goblin) or Bovus, depending on the dungeon. The undead team is also very tough, especially when you have developed their epic weapons.

    All healers are useful, especially with epic weapons. Yassmin is still IMO the best all round her with epic, she both heals and cleanses debuffs.

    Yasmin (full epic), Pignius, Grog-Gnog and Bovus (full epic) are my go to autorun team for most challenge dungeons.

    Yasmin, Augustus (full epic), Astrid and Emily (full epic) can autorun most tower floors for me.

    Shade (full epic), Shadowblade (full epic) Dagrund (full epic) plus one (usually Ponti, Kobol, Bromm, or Malice) make a good tower run and basic PvP team.

    Of the teams, the dwarves are probably the weakest, and I don't think may people use them. Lack of the ability to cleanse debuffs is a disadvantage.

  • Here's a few tips for you regarding resource management;
    Save your gems for crafting. Join a 10.5k guild and earn 5 free summons a week. You shouldn't waste gems in the portal.
    Depending on level, use the honor shop to buy gold twice a day. Use gold to max the abilities of your most used heroes.
    Use gold in the great portal for easy tokens to improve your roster.
    Use honor in the honor portal. Once you max the majority of the honor heroes, max Ella. Once you max Ella, buy the honor shop runes every season.
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