Hero Idea - Fernwald, Wizard of the Woods (Remastered!)

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Fernwald, Wizard of the Woods


After his home in the forest was destroyed, Fernwald set out to seek the aid of Selwyn the Enduring. He found himself among the other heroes, including many of his foresty friends like Lilly and Rocky! Being part of nature has its benefits, of course, and Fernwald makes sure to use every resource available to him, both in battle and out. You can't say you're a nature wizard and not recycle every bit of trash, after all.

Stats (Lv70, 6*):
Health - 4,087
Attack - 1,751
Defense - 2,199
Skill - 1,446
Hit Chance - 100%
Dodge Chance - 0%
Crit Chance - 5% (+18%)
[Nature Resist] - 33%
[Water Resist] - 18%
[Poison Resist] - 33% (+100%)
[Spirit Resist] - 6%

Runes: Nature/Nature/Water/Light/Dark

Element: Nature
Passive Abilities:
Mythical - Hero deals 25% extra damage to Tanks and Slow units.
Magical - Hero takes reduced damage from Magic attacks.
Poison Master - Poisons enemies when landing Critical hits.
Friend of Nature - Whenever a Nature ally attacks an enemy, there is a 30% chance that a small forest animal will jump in to deal a bit of extra damage! For every Beast ally on Fernwald's team, this chance is increased by 10%. Forest animal damage is equivalent to 25% of the attacking hero's basic attack damage.
Restorative Roots - Nature allies Heal for 5% each turn.
Mythical II - Hero deals 50% extra damage to Tanks and Slow units.
Gift of Nature - All allies gain +50% resistance to Poison. Nature allies gain +100% resistance.
Mythical III - Hero deals 75% extra damage to Tanks and Slow units.
Recycling - Dead heroes and enemies Heal allies 2.5% each turn they remain unburied. If a hero or enemy corpse is removed from battle, allies gain +1 energy. If Rocky the Shiitake is on Fernwald's team, these bonuses are doubled.

Earthen Bolt - Basic Ranged Magic attack for [49.5% Attack] damage. For every Plant on Fernwald's team, Fernwald will attack the same target again, dealing 25% damage.

Venomweed Storm - Summons a tornado of venomous leaves to attack all enemies for [70.0% Attack] Ranged Magic damage each, and high chance to Poison. For every Plant on Fernwald's team, this ability requires 1 less energy to charge.
Cooldown: 7

Nature's Cure - Heals the target ally and the next lowest-health ally for [93.3% Skill] Health, and cleanses 2 debuffs from each.
Cooldown: 6

Harvesting Bolts - Fires magic bolts that deal [70.0% Attack] Ranged Magic damage to all enemies, purging 1 buff from every enemy. [25%] of the damage dealt by this attack is returned to all allies as healing. After attacking, Plant allies gain a stack of Growth.
Cooldown: 6


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