Season of Shadow and guilds

Late this week, was disillusioned with PVP right after update.

SS taken from 8 to 0 minutes before season ended.
Due to technical difficulties and time crunch, only top 94 recorded. #95 and 99 were superstevo79 and Magobeeeee, but I don't have their guilds. #98 was a third Conspiracy.

First Place was Oracle9 from Potato Army

PA 20
LC 15
UW 14
AoA 12
FB 10
JL 4

Conspiracy, Justice League2, PotatoMortis =2
Champions and Friends, Satiated Gorgon, French Touch, level50dailyplayersguild, VIP Life, guildless [changeling], Schwartz Rot Gold, Instant Potatoes, Potato Force, Crown Capped, Viking Beserkers, Lollipop Guild, Legio Potato

Aegis surges ahead of Final Boss, Level Cap dips a bit. Without crunching the numbers, I think more players in top 5 guilds placed at the expense of some potato leftovers.

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