Clearing Pestilence Spire

Auto run (w/ skills)

Using Torchy / Solaris / Bauble / Ferno -- finally a second team that can farm for dark totems!



  • If you don't have those heroes build a team with Overlord Executum and Nub Nub. OE is easier to get than Furnace and can be healed with any healer and offers some of the same resistances.
  • JackHallow666JackHallow666 Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    My favorite thing to do is run Kobal with all Attack Runes, Dagrund, Astrid, and Furnace. You can't really do it on auto-run though since you have to be there to select Kobal's Arcane Bolts or Contagion Control ability since his first ability will deal 0 damage to some of the enemies in the dungeon.
  • my personal favorite is using DR bauble furnace teams and watching them do zero damage
  • I use shade, Grog, Koros and a 4th hero of my choice. With energy potions, you can basically keep using the 2 big hitters back and forth; even a diseased Koros will clear a room. For the boss, Haunted Past on the Samurai and then either frost breath/strike (whatever is charged) + Koros' 3rd ability.
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