Possibility of a level 30 to be in boss 100

Hi. I wanted to know if it's techically possible for someone to be in the first 100 boss players at level range of 20 to 30.
I'm Level 23 with 60k trophies.


  • Zero
  • What is the level necessary to be in boss 100?
  • 65
  • Thanks.
  • edited September 2017
    I thought it was 70
    Mock exams finished...Im back!
  • It used to be any level, was then limited to 65+ because we don't need ANYBODY below that level getting open access to superior runes. We had a level 32 hacker in there once.. was not good. And regardless, once you pass a certain trophy range(50 or 60k, can't remember) you are treated as a max level with max CRP anyway. As a level 20 something you would have your entire team dead round 1 every game. No chance.
  • I was 65k and still had my level range opponents. The trophy cap is probably 70k. Thanks.
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