Upgrade/salvage rune dialog change

SebulbaChipSebulbaChip Member
edited September 2017 in Feedback & Suggestions
So, I screwed up - I accidentally salvaged the superior incineration rune from the latest guild wars.

I have a suggestion for the dialog where you do this. Having both buttons right next to each other is not good. I know they are different colors, but some people are red/ green colorblind...

Instead I feel that those two buttons should be like tabs at the top, with upgrade selected by default. You could only select one at a time, and they would toggle between one another.

There would be a single "start" button at the bottom of the upgrade tab to pull up the upgrade dialog like normal.

Selecting the salvage tab would show a different panel with the mass salvage check box and a "destroy" button (perhaps with a red border around The panel). The button would bring up the regular confirmation dialog.

It would only take one extra click to start salvaging (and multiple salvage attempts would not need extra ones). But the two buttons would no longer be next to one another.

I was apparently tired when I tried to upgrade that rune last night.
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