Upcoming combat revamp - Solaris rework

Hello, my name is Joel and we are going to release our latest combat revamp!

So, to start off we are going to talk about the biggest change in this update; the rework of Solaris. We have seen that Solaris is an extremely weak hero and it will take more than a buff to make him better.


Changes to Solaris:


1) Allied beasts now get 100% HP for each beast on the team, this also reflects in their attack
2) Living construct - Immune to all debuffs and can be healed normally
2) Supreme phoenix feathers - Replaces Fiery soul. Immune to spirit, fire, lightning, water, physical and melee attacks.
3)From the **** - summons 8 donkeys upon resurrection.
4)Pack tactics II - Summons a pignius maximus when another beast is attacked, stacks 10 times. So you can have like 100 donkeys and 10 pigs.
5) Douchebag cap of resistance - Adds 1% resistance to chill


1) Pinion blast now has guaranteed chance to crit.
2) Fire goose - Ranged spirit attack that instantly kills any legendary on the enemies team
3) Engulfing flames - revives everyone and summons a taunting furnace FA


1st ascension required materials:
Runed evos: 17589782395
Bushido evos: 19129
chief nubnubs epic: 20

2nd ascension materials:
1 Vip point
A toothpick


1) You will no longer face players 10 lvls higher or so. Only allows players within 2 levels below or 1 level higher. You no longer have lvl 70s attacking your scrub lvl 10 defence.
2) To prevent people losing their win streaks due to crashes or whatever they complain about, we added a special trait to Balog that prevents win streak losses. He has to be in the team though
3) If a bauble takes a hit that deals 0 damage then bauble explodes and dies.
4) Rocky has a new skin: Rocky the sh... ...it-take
5) MK is now a goblin which makes him useless, he also has a new ability which replaces Death Blossom; Death Bottom.
- Death Bottom: Mk sits on the targeted enemy and does a base damage of 2
6) All elves have abs of steel
7) Koros is immune to all debuffs but cannot attack until he becomes invincible from zen or something.
8) Shade now has Death spirit blossom link; adds spirit link to everyone but him. By everyone we mean EVERYONE, prepare for some crashes and therefore lose your winstreak
9) Since epics had such a low chance to activate, we decided to completely to remove them from the game. Anyone who spent money will NOT get a refund.
10) VIP 11 has returned! It gives you the ability to use the VVIP portal; costs 10,000 gems and you can choose any hero you want and it become 5 stars and FA!
11) Doubled loading times
12) Fixed an exploit which allowed ppl to put 148137 runes on their MK, we think its a bug although maybe MK is just op.

Thank u for staying with us!
Mock exams finished...Im back!


  • LOL!!
    Awesome Farfella guy up there was created by jackhallow666^!!!
    Also, go gorgons!
  • This was very clever. Funny because it's true.
  • Message to developers:

    Dear DB,

    Don't take this seriously, your game is amazing! There was nothing wrong with the game when runes came out, it was quite a game-changer and I liked it! All was god until some salty player said that runes were the worst, then he explained how bad they were in his or her opinion. Then other people looked at his exaggerated opinion and started to follow him, thats when things started to get real nasty

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    Mock exams finished...Im back!
  • This is gold lmao
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    My internet is back, I don't think anyone cares anyways.
  • My favorite post of all time. Only contested by the thread for the Dungeon Boss Discord Server.
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  • This is the funniest thing i have ever read
  • Loving these new changes. Finally Solaris gets a well needed update!
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